Protect Against Lack of Rainfall

Apply by December 1 to protect your investment from a lack of precipitation.

Apiculture Insurance from FBN®

A safety net designed to protect beekeepers’ primary income sources, Apiculture insurance covers honey, pollen collection, wax and breeding stock.

Apiculture insurance is a federally-reinsured product that provides protection against a single peril: a decline in precipitation. A USDA program sold by private insurance agents like FBN Insurance, Apiculture insurance options allow producers to select from a variety of coverage levels, productivity factors and two-month index intervals to personalize their insurance policy. 

To support beekeepers like you in your Apiculture coverage selection and decision-making process, FBN Insurance has developed proprietary software designed to determine the optimal policy based on your unique risk profile, including: 

  • Coverage level

  • Productivity factor

  • Index intervals

  • Coverage to assign to an index interval throughout the year

When working with FBN Insurance on your Apiculture policy, you’ll be paired with one of our highly experienced agents and gain access to this powerful software tool so you can protect your operation with precision and confidence.


Meet the Insurance Team

Applying a Farmers First® mentality to each insurance policy they develop for a customer, FBN Insurance agents don’t just help producers develop their Apiculture coverage. By combining deep insurance expertise with years of hands-on ag experience in the Apiculture industry, our agents are skilled at strategizing a holistic risk management approach tailored to your specific ag operation.


What Is Apiculture Insurance?

Apiculture insurance is intended to protect against a lack of rainfall for honey and pollination production as well as wax and breeding purposes. It is available to producers located in the 48 contiguous states with the exception of a few grids that cross international borders.

How Does Apiculture Insurance Work?

Apiculture systems consist of different types of plants and often contain mixtures of different species. Each species can have different growth habits, seasons, precipitation requirements, and other climate conditions necessary to maintain plant growth over extended periods of time. Apiculture coverage was designed to deliver maximum flexibility to cover these diverse situations.

Apiculture insurance utilizes weather data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to determine rainfall levels for the various two-month index intervals. When the final grid rainfall index falls below the insured’s coverage level, an indemnity is triggered for that index interval. 

Connect With An Agent

Connect With An Agent

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Strategically Manage Risk With FBN Insurance

Supported by a Farmers First® approach to everything we do, FBN Insurance offers a variety of coverage options to support you as you maintain and scale your ag operation. In addition to Apiculture insurance, FBN Insurance also offers:

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