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Have an FBN® agent take a look at your coverage and make 2023 the year you get insurance you're confident in.
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Multi-Peril Crop Insurance From FBN

Our agents are focused on making sure you have all the coverage you need by analyzing your data to build a policy that is personalized to you.
Our Approach to Insurance

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FBN℠ Crop Insurance offers the full suite of federally subsidized crop insurance products, as well as private products like hail and wind protection. Our expert agents, combined with our data tools and industry knowledge work to make sure your insurance is as unique as your operation. We don’t believe one-size fits all when it comes to insurance. When was the last time you got a second opinion on your policy? See the difference FBN could make to your bottom line this year by connecting with an agent today.


A fully integrated approach that keeps you secure in down years, without dragging on your profits when times are good.


Pay for what you need, and none of what you don’t. Our agents and solutions are straightforward and transparent.


Our agents look at historical coverage data and operational data to help you make the best decisions for your farm's unique risk profile.

Federal Crop Insurance Products

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Individual APH Based Coverage

RP provides a dollar per acre guarantee of both yield and price.

These use your own yield history as the basis for coverage.

Great hedge for your marketing strategy.

Area (County) Based Coverage

Provides a dollar per acre guarantee of county revenue minus regional expenses.

Provides up to 95% revenue guarantee on a county basis.

These use the county expected yield as the basis for coverage.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

In some cases, you can access increased credit with WFRP.

Allows for expanded operations and further diversification.

Contains eligibility for ALL commodities.

Covers revenue generated from livestock.

Concerned about hail? Have livestock you want to protect? We have solutions; follow the links to learn more.

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