Protect Your Operation With Rainfall Protection Through PRF

Apply by December 1 to protect your investment from a lack of precipitation.

Pasture, Rangeland, & Forage Insurance From FBN®

PRF insurance is a federally-reinsured product that provides protection against the decline in precipitation for grazing and haying.
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How PRF Insurance Works

PRF coverage ensures your haying and/or grazing operation is protected from dry weather. Landlords, tenants, and owner/operators can purchase coverage for the acres used and/or colonies owned. You and your agent will discuss what 2 month intervals during the year need the most protection, to pick your level of coverage during those times. You may also set the amount of coverage you buy and the relative productiveness of your operation compared to others in your county. Your FBN agent can help you choose what coverage is the best fit for your needs.

NOAA Sourced Data

The program uses weather data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to determine rainfall levels for the various 2-month index intervals. When the final grid index falls below the insured’s coverage level, an indemnity is triggered for the 2-month index interval.

Flexible Plans

Your FBN agent will work with you to tailor the coverage to best fit your specific needs. You can cover all or a portion of your acreage, allowing flexibility in your risk management plan, and set both the percentage of coverage and the amount you expect to produce relative to your peers.

Personalized Coverage

You can decide which grid and index interval you want to insure. Additionally, PRF is an area insurance plan and does not measure, capture, or use any actual crop production, so there is no loss adjustment to determine the final indemnity.

Looking for Apiculture?

While it is very similar to PRF insurance in many ways, apiculture insurance is it's own distinct offering. We are excited to work with you to get the right coverage for your colonies.

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