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Meet Our Loan Advisors

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Headshot of FBN Finance's TJ Wilson
Director of Sales

TJ Wilson

Based in Hiawatha, KS. TJ has 17 years in Ag lending and management. He is actively involved in the day-to-day management of corn and soybean operation.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Katie Hennegin
Loan Advisor Manager

Katie Hennegin

Based in Cameron, MO. Katie has 5 years in Ag lending. She was raised on a family farm with cattle and horses. She enjoys family, barrel racing and the outdoors.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Carla Lappe
Loan Advisor Manager

Carla Lappe

Based in Nashville, IL. Carla has 16.5 years at Farm Credit Illinois and 2.5 years at Ag Resource Management (ARM). Raised in petroleum marketing.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Levi Miller
Loan Advisor Manager

Levi Miller

Based in Sioux Falls, SD. Levi has 14 years of consumer and Ag lending experience. He was born and raised on a 5th generation South Dakota family farm.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Jenny Arnold
Loan Advisor

Jenny Arnold

Based in Norwalk, IA. Jenny has 12 years of Ag lending experience and 14 years total in banking. She enjoys boating, reading, golfing and traveling.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Austin Birge
Loan Advisor

Austin Birge

Based in Glasgow, KY. Austin has 5 years in Ag lending. He has experience running a cow-calf operation and enjoys family, horses, golf and the outdoors.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Blake Bogaard
Loan Advisor

Blake Bogaard

Based in Gilbert, IA. Blake has 4 years of Ag lending experience. He enjoys family, dogs, coaching and golf. He also enjoys family farming in Iowa.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Nikki Boyer
Loan Advisor

Nikki Boyer

Based in Sonora, CA. Nikki has 10 years of Ag lending experience. She grew up working with local cattlemen and enjoys horses and camping.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Kurt Downs
Loan Advisor

Kurt Downs

Based in Sterling, IL. Kurt has 19 years of Ag lending and credit experience. He was raised on a grain farm and currently farms with his wife.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Logan Endicott
Loan Advisor

Logan Endicott

Based in Crawfordsville, IN. Logan has 3.5 years of consumer and Ag lending experience. He enjoys camping, car shows and exploring new places.

Headshot of FBN Finance's Stephen Fruth
Loan Advisor

Stephen Fruth

Based in New Riegel, OH. Stephen has 14 years of Ag lending experience. He practices regenerative farming on his family farm. He enjoys family and woodworking.

Headshot of Taylor Griswold-Weigle
Loan Advisor

Taylor Griswold-Weigle

Based in Pine Village, IN. She has 5 years in Ag lending and banking. Taylor was raised in the livestock industry and runs a cattle operation.

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