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Get an estimate on your farm land loan payments in minutes.
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Farm Land Loan Calculator

Guided by a Farmers First® mindset, we created the FBN® Farm Land Loan Calculator to bring transparency to the often confusing farm land loan process.

Land Loans Personalized for You

We want to help you build a strong financial future. Our land loan calculator allows you to view estimated rates and fees to give you transparency on what to expect.

By estimating rates and fees up front, the free loan calculator from FBN Finance helps you effectively plan and strategize your financial options for future land purchases, which can include farms, ranches, timberland, and hunting land.

Compare different loan options prior to a land purchase to determine which path forward will work best for your ag operation.

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How to Calculate Your Payments

  • Answer some basic questions that include your desired loan amount, estimated land value, and credit score.

  • Our calculator will take this information, along with our current rates, and provide you with an estimate of your semi-annual or annual loan payments.

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Land Loan Qualifications

Here's what you need to qualify for a land loan.

Minimum Acreage

Your land must be a minimum of at least 10 acres.

Loan Amount

The minimum loan amount is $75k with no restriction on the maximum requested.

Agricultural Land

This includes farms, ranches, timberland and hunting land, as well as improvements.

Your Best Financial Option

To proactively calculate your farm land loan payments and determine the best financial option for your farm, try the Farm Land Loan Calculator for yourself or complete the form below to contact an FBN Finance advisor for further assistance.

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By estimating rates and fees up front, the free calculator helps you effectively plan and strategize your financial options for future land purchases.

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