Buy Smarter, Buy Informed

See what other farmers paid. Negotiate better with price information at your fingertips.

Technology For Your Whole Operation

Farmers Business Network  SM is an independent network of thousands of North America’s most advanced farmers.

Agronomic Intelligence

Access farming’s most advanced analytics driven by the combined intelligence of millions of acres.

Smarter Buying

Cut the bull. Save thousands of dollars with FBN  SM Direct’s manufacturer-direct input prices & radical price transparency.

Profitable Marketing

Get new opportunities to sell your crop and always know when you are in the money.

Technology For Your Whole Operation

FBN Analytics integrate nearly any type of precision ag data to reveal profitable insights and keep you organized, no new equipment required.

  • Select the best seeds for your soils
  • Benchmark, map, and analyze your yields
  • See what farmers are paying for inputs
  • Get manufacturer direct prices on hundreds of ag products
  • Evaluate the profitability of hundreds of bids for your crops

Farmers Helping Farmers

Farmers Business Network is proudly Farmers First  SM. Created by farmers for farmers, FBN is an independent and unbiased farmer-to-farmer network of thousands of North American farms. FBN democratizes farm information by making the power of anonymous aggregated analytics available to all FBN members. The FBN Network helps level the playing field for independent farmers with unbiased information, profit enhancing farm analysis, and network buying power.

Buying Power = Lower Prices

Explore FBN Direct

Explore FBN Direct

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