Grain Marketing Strategies Built For Your Farm

Data-driven. Personalized. Unbiased.
Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing Services

At Farmers Business Network®, we believe in taking a more strategic approach in selling your grain. That’s why our team is dedicated to offering personalized, data-driven market advisory and risk management services to help you maximize the value of your crops.

Market Advisory

The latest market intelligence, guidance from PRO Advisors and innovative grain marketing technology to help you gain confidence in decision-making for your farm.

Crop Marketing

A Grain Marketing Dashboard for FBN members to help you easily track and manage the most important parts of your crop marketing activities — such as bids from buyers and automated bid comparisons.

Brokerage Services

Futures and options trading with low commissions and advisor support, allowing you to stay consistently connected with the markets and easily trade when and wherever you’d like.

Experienced Advisors

Get paired with a trusted advisor to support you on your farm's marketing plan.

Personalized Market Intelligence

Premium subscription emails with expert market advice, unbiased pricing recommendations and weather updates.

Backed By Data

Services backed by a team of global FBN data scientists and economists, watching the market and crunching the numbers on your behalf.

Market Advisory Services Personalized For Your Farm

Take the guessing out of your grain marketing plan. FBN Market Advisory provides you real-time grain marketing advice that’s systematic, personalized and unbiased to help make your farm more profitable.
Market Advisory

Market Intelligence

Premium subscription emails with expert market advice, unbiased pricing recommendations and weather updates
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Pricing recommendations customized to your operation, with visual displays of your profitability and risk
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Pro Advisors

Support on strategy and execution in the cash markets, as well as futures and options trades

Sustainability Practices Powered by Gradable®

FBN is committed to helping buyers work toward their sustainability goals by sourcing more environmentally friendly grain and participating in offset programs.

Gradable Carbon™

With Gradable Carbon™ and direct procurement programs, farmers have the freedom and flexibility to improve profit potential with sustainable practices that work with their farm. This offers flexibility in our voluntary programs to improve on or adopt new practices that make sense for the farm business.

Gradable Plan

Your crop nutrition plans should accomplish the goals of your farm. Gradable Plan offers soil sampling and independent fertility programs that are customized for your farm. Gradable Plan offers modern nutrition programs that can include conventional fertilizer, manure, biologicals and/or cover crops.
Gradable Screen