FBN® AcrePlan

AcrePlanSM is the only digital chem planning and purchasing tool in agriculture and like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With a just a few clicks, you can complete your chem program and shop online. It’s fast, simple, and easy.

How It Works

How AcrePlan Works

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1. Select Your Crop & Input Acres

Start by selecting the crop you want to build a program for. Enter the number of acres of that crop, which will calculate how much product you need and your cost per acre.

2. Choose Your Applications

Tell AcrePlan whether you need a burndown, pre-emergence, post-emergence and/or fungicide & insecticide application as part of your program.

3. Finalize Your Mix

Review pre-made tank mixes for each application. Select and remove products to customize for your farm. Then simply add to cart, buy and you’re done!


FBN AcrePlans give farmers greater control of their crop input plan through a simple online tool that helps them plan, order and save on inputs. FBN AcrePlans do the math for you, calculating how much to buy and your cost per acre.

Yes. Available delivery options for items in each category will be presented at checkout.

Yes, when planning for your entire year's chemical program using AcrePlan, you'll be presented with various agronomist-approved, FBN-endorsed passes that you can choose from. Under each pass, the option is yours on whether you want to add the product we suggested or remove it from the pass itself.

Yes, when you are done selecting your passes as part of the AcrePlan, we will save all of your passes as shopping lists into your account after you click on Add to Cart. All of your selections and custom configurations will be saved as well. This will allow you to access the passes as shopping lists at any time.

No, you are not able to share the AcrePlan at this time. If you need to share it, what you could do is select a pass, then click Add to Cart. That will save your pass selection as a shopping list into your account. Access that saved pass in your Shopping Lists and you'll be able to share that shopping list with anyone.

No, unfortunately not at this time. We'll work on that as a future improvement. In the mean time, you can go to Shopping Lists on your account and create your own custom mix of products.

AcrePlans is a useful tool for when you don't know what you need for your crop, and would like guidance on putting together your annual chemical program. Shopping Lists are used for when you know exactly what you need.