Common Lambsquarters


Common Lambsquarters in Field Crops

Common Lambsquarters (Chenopodium album L) is one of the most prevalent summer annual broadleaf weeds in North America. Of particular concern agronomically is how this species of weed has developed resistance and tolerance to different herbicide choices so readily. Of historical note, Triazine (Atrazine, Bladex, Princep) Resistant Lambsquarters were one of the first herbicide resistant weeds discovered back in the 60’s-70’s.

Often confused with or referred to as Pigweed (Amaranthus spp), Lambsquarters is frequently found persisting in fields alongside its mis-identified neighbor--they both tend to thrive in similar field situations, histories, and crops, but are actually quite different. The leaves of Lambsquarters appear lance-shaped, triangular, or diamond shaped and as they emerge, they exhibit a gray, almost silver, mealy coating across the leaf surfaces, which gives them away.

Lamsquarters Identification and Impact

Technically, the most similar looking weed to Lambsquarters is actually Atriplex (Atriplex patula L.). They differ by Atriplex having larger cotyledons, a more branching, spreading habit due to the opposite arrangement of the first several pairs of leaves and branches, and leaf bases with a lobe on each side.

Uniquely, Common Lambsquarters’ germination and emergence can be spread over 2-3 months, and even longer. Peak emergence is in mid to late spring. Though not as significant, they can germinate and emerge well into the summer. Once emerged, Lambsquarters grows very rapidly, making it particularly troublesome in soybeans. Data suggests that as little as one lambsquarter plant per foot of row can reduce soybean populations by as much as 25%. In heavy infestations, lambsquarters in soybeans are particularly annoying to combine operators as they readily clog the equipment at harvest when left unabated.

Perhaps the most significant fact about lambsquarters, leading to its infamous reputation with resistance and tolerance, is that a single plant produces an average of over 70,000 seeds with wide variance in dormancy indices, depending on the relative depths of the seedbank. This persistence is the cornerstone to causing headaches for farmers and advisors alike. On average, it takes 12 years to deplete the seed bank by 50% and nearly 80 years to approach elimination (99%).

Control programs and scouting for lambsquarters should focus on the spring germinating populations. Because of its rapid growth once emerged, planting into a soil where lambsquarters is visible will be problematic. The existing population must be burned down or tilled prior to planting. Once it establishes, it can rapidly develop and rob nutrients and moisture from the desired crop. Later germinating lambsquarters in corn that has formed its canopy over the row, for example, will not likely be an economic threat; but if it grows along with the germinating corn seed, it will ‘pace’ the corn for light, water, and nutrients and can be a real problem.

Resistance and Tolerance Management

Regardless of the nature of the lambsquarters populating your fields, understanding its life cycle and relative presence or absence in your crops is the key to managing it economically. Tillage; crop rotation; and herbicide rotation are and will always be your best approach. Good recordkeeping of what materials have been used in a field, matched with observations from field scouting, and planning short rotations will come together to lessen the impact of this troublesome weed pest.

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AmineCornbelt® 4Lb. Lo Vol EsterCornbelt® 6Lb. 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SG Burndown Herbicide (with TotalSol®)FirstShot® SG Burndown Herbicide with TotalSol®Five Star®Flexstar®Flexstar® GT 3.5Flumi® 51 WDGFlumi® SX HerbicideFlumigard™ HerbicideFlumioxazin 51% WDG (Redeagle)Flumioxazin 51WDG Select™Foma™ 2.0ForeFront® HLForeFront® R&P Specialty HerbicideForesters'® Non-Selective HerbicideForfeit® 280ForrestForsyte™ 1.88 SLFramework® 3.3 EC HerbicideFreeHand® 1.75G herbicideFreeHand® CA 1.75G herbicideFreelexx®Frequency® herbicideFrontRunner™FulTime® HerbicideFulTime® NXTG-Max Lite™ herbicideGaligan® 2EGaligan® H2O HerbicideGallery® 75 Dry Flowable Specialty HerbicideGallery® SCGalvan®Gambit® HerbicideGCS 2,4-D LV 6 EsterGCS Atrazine 4LGCS Atrazine 90DFGCS Flumet 80WDGGCS MesoXtra HerbicideGCS Quinclo 4Glory®Glory® 4LGlyfos® Aquatic HerbicideGlyphosate 5.4Goal® 2XL HerbicideGoal® 2XL HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGoldSky® HerbicideGovee™GR1 HerbicideGR1™GR2Grapple™Gravitas®GrazonNext® HLGrazonNext® Specialty HerbicideGuardsman Max® 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herbicidePython® HerbicidePython® WDG HerbicideQuake™ HerbicideQuali-Pro® Expel Turf HerbicideQuartz™ 4LQuartz™ HerbicideQuelex® Herbicide with Arylex™ ActiveQuickSilver® T&O HerbicideQuinark™ EWQuinStar® 4LRadar™ AM 4Rancor™ 4 FRancor™ 75 DFRange Star®Range Star® XLTRapport® BroadSpec HerbicideRapport® Tank Mix HerbicideRaptor® herbicideRave® HerbicideRavine™Razor®Razor® ProRealm® QRealm® QReciteReckon™ 280SLRedEagle Flumioxazin 51% WDG Specialty + Field (California)Refer® 280 SL HerbicideReflex®Rejuvra®Rejuvra™Rely® 280Rely® 280 HerbicideReptile WDGRequire® Q (mp)Resicore®Resicore® XLResolute® 4FLResolute™ 65WGResolve® DFResolve® QResolve® Q (mp)Resolve® SGResource® HerbicideRestraint™ herbicideRevitonRevulin® QRevulin® QRezult® B herbicideRezult® G herbicideRezuvant™ herbicideRhonox® MCPARhythm® HerbicideRiceOne CSRiceOne® CSRifle Plus®Rifle®Rifle®-DRingside®Rixa™Ro-Neet® HerbicideRodeo® HerbicideRometsol®Rowel™ FX HerbicideRowel™ HerbicideRumble®Saber®Saddle-Up®Sage™Salvo®Sandea®Satellite® 3.3 herbicideSatellite® FlexSatellite® HydroCap herbicideSavage® Dry SolubleScepter® 70 DG herbicideScepter® 70 DG herbicideScoparia HerbicideScorch™Scorch™ EXTScout™ HerbicideScrollOVR™Scroll™ 2 XLSedona®Semera® 51.0% WDGSemera™ SCSentrallas® HerbicideSentrallas™Sequence®Shafen HerbicideShafen StarShark® EWSharpSharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicideShieldex® 400SC HerbicideShowcase™ Specialty HerbicideShowdown® HerbicideShredder™ E-99Shutdown® HerbicideSim-Trol® 90DF Simazine Dry Flowable HerbicideSimazine 4LSimazine 90 WDGSimazine 90DFSimazine 90DF (Drexel)Simplicity® CASinate® HerbicideSinister™Sinkerball®Slider®Slider® ATZSlider® ATZ LiteSmackdown™Snapshot® 2.5 TG Specialty HerbicideSnapshot® DG Specialty HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSolida® HerbicideSolida® HerbicideSolitare® HerbicideSolstice® HerbicideSolution Water Soluble®Solve™ 2,4-DSonalan® 10G HerbicideSonalan® 10G HerbicideSonalan® HFP HerbicideSonalan® HFP HerbicideSonic® HerbicideSortie® HerbicideSortie™ ATZSortie™ ATZ LiteSotrion™ HerbicideSparrow™Spartan® 4FSpartan® ChargeSpartan® EliteSpartan® FL 4FSpecticle® FloSpecticle® Flo HerbicideSpecticle® GSpin-Aid® (RUP)Spin-Aid® HerbicideSpirit® HerbicideSpitfire™ HerbicideSquareOne® HerbicideStadia™Stalwart® 2WStalwart® 3WStanza™ HerbicideStarane® NXT HerbicideStatement™ HerbicideStatus® herbicideStaunch® IIStaunch™ HerbicideSteadfast®Steadfast® QSteadfast® QStealth CompleteSterling Blue® HerbicideSterling® BlueSterling® Blue DGAStoren™Storm® HerbicideStout®Strategy™Stringent™Strive™Strongarm® HerbicideStrut®Suerte™Sulfentrazone 4LSulfin® 4SCSupremacy® HerbicideSuprend®SureGuard® HerbicideSureGuard® SC HerbicideSurepyc™SureStart® HerbicideSureStart® IISurflan® XL 2GSurmise®Surmise® 5Surmount® HerbicideSurpass® EC HerbicideSurpass® NXTSurveil® HerbicideSurveil™ Co-PackSurveil™ Co-Pack (Surveil™ V)Sweep® HerbicideT-Pac™ XPT-Square™ HerbicideTackle® HerbicideTailwind™Talinor™Taquet™Tarzec™Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® TechnologyTeamMate®Telar® XPTelar® XPTenacity®Tendovo®Tenkoz® Amine 4 2,4-D (71368-1-55467)Tenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileTenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 Solventless HerbicideTenkoz® Lo-Vol 6 2,4-D Low Volatile HerbicideTenkoz® Trifluralin 4 EC (62719-250-55467)TerraVue™Testify™Tetris™ SGThief™Thistrol® HerbicideThreesidual™ HerbicideThrottle® XPThunder Master®Thunder®Tide Glufosinate 280 SLTide Hexazinone 2SLTide Hexazinone 75 WDGTide MSM 60 DF HerbicideTigris™ Sulfen FirstTop Deck™ Aquatic HerbicideTop Gun® HerbicideTopeka®TopNotch® HerbicideTorment®Torocity™Total TNVTotal® 2.3Total® HerbicideTouchdown HiTech®Touchdown® CTTouchdown® HerbicideTough® 5ECTower® HerbicideTraject™ 4SCTravallas™Traxion®Treaty®Treaty® ExtraTreevix® powered by Kixor® herbicideTreflan® 4 EC HerbicideTreflan® HFP HerbicideTreflan® HFP HerbicideTreflan® TR-10 Granular HerbicideTreflan® TR-10® Granular HerbicideTreflan™ 4L HerbicideTrellis®Trellis® SCTremor NXTTremor® ATZ Lite NXTTremor® ATZ NXTTriCor® 4FTriCor® DFTrifluence™Trifluralin 10GTrifluralin 10GTrifluralin 4 E.C.Trifluralin 4 EC HerbicideTrifluralin 4ECTrifluralin 4EC (Drexel)TripleFLEX® II HerbicideTripleFLEX® II HerbicideTripleFLEX™ HerbicideTrisidual™ HerbicideTriumph® XTRTriVolt™Trizar™TrizMax™Trooper™ ProTruslate™ ProTrust® HerbicideTurret®Tuscany®Tuscany® SC HerbicideUltra Blazer® (UPI)Undercover™Unison® Novel BroadleafUP-Front™Upbeet®Upbeet® HerbicideUproarValor® EZ Herbicide¹Valor® EZ Herbicide²Valor® SX HerbicideValor® XLT Soybean HerbicideVamos®Vandal® S-MOCVanquish® HerbicideVaristo® herbicideVarro®Varsity®Varsity® SCVeer® Agricultural HerbicideVelossa™Velpar® AlfaMax™Velpar® AlfaMax™ (DuPont)Velpar® AlfaMax™ GoldVelpar® AlfaMax™ GoldVelpar® DF CUVelpar® DF CUVelpar® LVelpar® L CUVelpar® L CUVendetta® HerbicideVenue®Verdict® powered by Kixor® herbicideVibrantVictory® HerbicideVida® Herbicide/DesiccantVilify®Vios™ FX HerbicideVision™ HerbicideVolley® ATZVolley® ATZ LiteVolley® ATZ LITE NXTVolley® ATZ NXTVolley® Corn HerbicideVolley® NXTVolta®Volta® ExtraVoucher®Vulture™Warfox™Warrant® Ultra HerbicideWarrant® Ultra Herbicide (Monsanto)Weedar® 64WeeDestroy® AM-40 Amine SaltWeedmaster® HerbicideWeedone® 638Weedone® 650Weedone® LV4 ECWeedone® LV4 SolventlessWeedone® LV6 ECWeld® HerbicideWestar®Whistle™Whiteout® 2,4-DWideARmatch™ HerbicideWildCard® XTRAWillowood Cloran DFWillowood Ethofumesate 4SCWillowood Fomesafen 1.88SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SL (OT)Willowood Imazethapyr 2SLWillowood Lactofen 2ECWillowood Mesotrione 4SCWillowood Metribuzin 75DFWillowood Metriosate GTWillowood OxyFlo 2ECWillowood OxyFlo 4SCWillowood Pronamide 3.3SCWillowood Pronamide 50WSPWillowood Sulfen 4SCWillowood Sulfen CloranWillowood Sulfen ImazWillowood Sulfen MetWillowood Sulfentrazone 4SCWillowood Sulfentrazone AssistWolverine® AdvancedWolverine® HerbicideXL 2GXtendimax w/VaporGrip Technology (2020)XtendiMax® With VaporGrip® TechnologyYukon® HerbicideZalo® HerbicideZaltus™ SCZaltus™ SXZemax™ Selective HerbicideZeus® HerbicideZeus® Prime XCZeus® XCZidua® HerbicideZidua® PRO powered by Kixor® herbicideZidua® SC herbicideZone 4FZone AssistZone DefenseZone Elite