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AC 299,263 120 AS Herbicide Solution

ACCURATE® Herbicide

Accent™ Herbicide

Accent™ IS Herbicide

Ally® Herbicide

Ally® Herbicide Toss-N-Go®

Amity™ WDG Herbicide

Ares™ SN Herbicide

Assert® 300 SC Herbicide

Blitz™ Herbicide

Broadstrike™ RC Herbicide

CS-100-12 Herbicide

CS-100-23235 Herbicide

CS-100-2525 Herbicide

CS-100-50 Herbicide

CS-75-12 Herbicide

CS-75-23235 Herbicide

CS-75-2525 Herbicide

CS-75-3317 Herbicide

CS-75-50 Herbicide

Canopy™ PRO

Canvista® Herbicide

Chaperone® Herbicide

Classic® 25 DF Herbicide

Classic™ Herbicide

Cleat Herbicide

Clorvante 50 g/L


Deploy® WDG


Engarde™ 25 SG Herbicide

Everest® 2.0 Herbicide

Everest® 3.0 (Canada)

Everest® 3.0 AG Herbicide

Everest® GBX Herbicide

Express® 50 SG MUP

Express® LW

Express® Pro Herbicide

Express® SG Herbicide

FBN Florasulam 50 SC Herbicide

FBN Imazamox WDG

FBN Imazeth

FirstRate™ Herbicide

FirstRate™ WSP Herbicide

Florasulam 50 VP



GP Herbicide


Guardian® Herbicide

Hinge® Herbicide

Inferno™ Duo

Inferno™ WDG

Luxxur B™ Herbicide

Luxxur™ A Herbicide

Metsulfuron Methyl MUP Herbicide

Muster® Herbicide

Muster® Toss-N-Go® Herbicide

NC-00439 Herbicide

NC-0050 Herbicide

NUANCE® Herbicide

Nimble® Herbicide

Nu-Image™ Herbicide

Olympus Herbicide

Option® 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide

PP-23235 Herbicide

PP-2525 Herbicide

PP-3317 Herbicide

Peak® 75WG Herbicide

Permit® WG

Pinnacle® SG Herbicide

Pinnacle® SG Toss-N-Go® Herbicide

Plotter IVM Herbicide


PrePass™ FLEX Herbicide

Primero Herbicide

Prism™ SG Herbicide

Pursuit® 240 Herbicide

Pursuit® For Soybeans

Pursuit® Herbicide

Refine® SG Herbicide

Refine® SG Toss-N-Go® Herbicide

SB-03™ Herbicide

Sandea® Herbicide (Canadian)

Sierra® 3.0 AG Herbicide


Simplicity™ GoDRI™ Herbicide

Solo® ADV Herbicide

Solo® WDG Herbicide

Sortan™ IS Herbicide

Spartan® Herbicide

Spitfire® 50 SC Herbicide

Steadfast™ IS Herbicide

Thifensulfuron 50 SG MUP

Ultim® 75 DF Herbicide

Ultim™ Herbicide

Upbeet® Herbicide

Varro Herbicide

Velocity® SP Herbicide

Volta Herbicide

Labeled Weeds, Insects & Diseases