Returning Value to Members Starts With Protecting Your Data

We're Guided By These Principles

Farmers Business Network® was launched in 2014 as an independent, unbiased and objective farmer-driven information source.

Today, when you share data with FBN you receive access to an anonymized and aggregated data analytics platform, enabling you to make knowledgeable decisions for your farm. To maintain the trust of our members, we know our most important job is protecting their data. That’s why 8 principles guide how we treat their data.

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Farmers’ Data is Never for Sale

FBN has not, does not, and will not sell member data. Our business does not rely on advertising and the need to sell member data. And we do not package our members’ data and sell it to third-party data brokers.

Farmers Own Their Data

FBN is a contributory network and as more members contribute their data, our features and services create more powerful insights for each member’s farm.  But all data provided to FBN remains the data of the farmer contributing it. We are grateful that tens-of-thousands of farmers have trusted us with their data but ultimately, FBN is not the owner of the data our members share with us.

Use Data to Give Back Value

Our vision has always been to help farmers make knowledgeable decisions that improve their bottom line. To do that, FBN combines data it receives from you with the data of other Members. FBN then enriches that anonymized data with analytics and data science to return transparent, farm-tested insights back to our members.


When reports are created for members, using member data, all information that could identify an individual member or their farm is stripped from use. FBN members do not have access to view your farm's data, and you cannot see theirs. Your farm data is visible only in your account.


We are open and clear about our practices so FBN members understand how their data is collected and used. We own the aggregated and/or anonymized analytics we generate from data provided by farmers through our proprietary data analytics models. These analytics are then shared with members in the FBN Network.


We design our products and services to ensure FBN members remain in control of their data, including what data they share, and with who. As a member, you are never forced to share your data – it’s always your choice.


FBN is dedicated to protecting member data. We take data privacy and security extremely seriously, and maintain beyond industry-best practice security technologies and protocols. We also maintain strict access controls to user data, and will only share data with third parties when you request we do so. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Ag Data Transparent is an external organization that verifies data related claims. Our terms of service and privacy policy have been evaluated and are certified by Ag Data Transparent, and we recommend you read their evaluation as you make a decision on sharing your data with FBN.