Returning Value For Your Data

Our most important job is protecting your data. But what we love doing is returning value back to you.

Here’s How We Return Value

Our goal is to help you drive a positive ROI. When members share their data, we put it to work by returning reports and tools with exclusive insights.

Operations Reports & Features

These features and reports focus on maximizing the value you receive from your precision data files. Those files are seamlessly converted into annual farm reports, providing you much deeper insights, and allowing you to better use your data to develop a strategic plan for your operation.

Network Reports & Features

These represent the true power of FBN partnering with our members. By pairing member contributed data with research led by our team of  PhD agricultural economists, we’re setting a new standard by producing forecasts 30% closer to USDA actuals vs. the next best forecaster*. Those features & reports deliver insights to our members which powers knowledgeable decision making.