Make Extra Money This Crop Season

Gain confidence in your grain marketing strategies

Personalized market advisory and risk management services to help you maximize the value of your crops over the long term

Market Advisory

The latest market intelligence, guidance from PRO Advisors, and innovative grain marketing technology to help you gain confidence in decision-making for your farm. A subscription provides you real-time marketing advice that’s systematic, personalized, and unbiased.

FBN Profit Center

A Grain Marketing Dashboard for FBN members
Easily track and manage the most important parts of your crop marketing activities.
  • Bids from More Buyers
    FBN Profit Center ends the annoyance of having to check multiple websites or make multiple phone calls in order to collect the bids in your market.
  • Automated Bid Comparison
    FBN Profit Center makes it easy to compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis using our "Net Price" feature.


A farmer-led sustainability solution for low-carbon grain. Gradable’s technology and services support an opt-in market for farmers to earn premiums for regenerative practices.
"Having a Grain Marketing Advisor has made a world of difference in our operation. It gives us confidence and piece of mind, and the freedom to focus on what’s important to us: growing good crops and raising our family."

Candace Mackinnon with Prairie Skye Farms

Killam, AB

We do not guarantee customers will receive specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marketing; results will vary and may result in loss. In addition to being an FBN Member, Additional Terms and Conditions apply to qualify for FBN Crop Marketing offerings.
FBN Crop Marketing Canada, Inc. does not guarantee any specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marketing; results will vary. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. FBN Crop Marketing Canada offerings involve risks, including the risk that market conditions deteriorate, resulting in contract participants receiving lower price for their grain than had they not participated in the FBN offering.