Premiums for Sustainable Practices on Your Farm

Over 3,500 farmers have received premiums through our programs.
Crop Marketing

Earn Premiums, Create Impact

Earn premiums for sustainable practices that work on your farm and help fuel the expansion of low-carbon grain markets.

No Practice Change Required

No need to change farm practices in order to participate in the program.

One-Year Contracts

Sustainability contracts run year-to-year.

No Carbon Credits

Premiums are paid on a per acre or bushel basis.

Available Programs

Sustainability Programs Where You Are

  • Eligible Crops: Programs are available for farmers growing corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, peanuts, cotton, and sorghum.

  • Carbon Intensity Scoring: A farm's CI score is calculated by determining the total CO2 emissions per bushel of grain produced. FBN® offers programs that pay a premium for lower CI scores.

  • Cover Crops: Programs are also available for farmers who grow cover crops. Farmers can receive up to $25 per acre for cover crops planted.

Sustainability Program Map
Flexible Financing

The Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line

Partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, FBN offers an operating line at a discount to farmers who have:

  • Eligible Crops: Farmer grows some corn, soybeans, and/or wheat

  • N Balance: The majority of fields have an ‘N efficiency score’ within a ‘safe zone range’

  • Soil Health Practices: Farmers use reduced tillage and/or cover crops on a majority of fields

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