Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) is a highly invasive annual weed that poses significant challenges to various crops across the United States and Canada. Known for its broad, heart-shaped leaves and distinctive seed pods, velvetleaf can grow up to 8 feet tall, creating dense stands that compete aggressively with crops for light, nutrients, and water. This competition can lead to substantial yield losses, particularly in crops like corn, soybeans, cotton, and various vegetables.

In corn and soybean fields, velvetleaf can reduce yields by shading out the crop and competing for essential resources. Its rapid growth and prolific seed production make it difficult to control once established. In cotton fields, velvetleaf can interfere with harvesting equipment and reduce the quality of the cotton fiber. Vegetable crops are also at risk, as velvetleaf can harbor pests and diseases that further impact crop health and productivity.

Photo Credit: Phil Westra, Colorado State University,


How to Identify Velvetleaf

Identifying velvetleaf early is crucial for effective management. Here are a few characteristics to help farmers recognize this invasive weed:


  • The first leaves are heart-shaped, with a smooth surface and a slightly notched tip. They are typically about 1-2 cm long.

  • The stem below the first emerging leaves is often covered with fine hairs.


  • Shape: Velvetleaf leaves are large, heart-shaped, and can grow up to 6-8 inches long and wide.

  • Texture: The leaves have a velvety texture due to a dense covering of fine hairs.

  • Color: They are typically a bright green color.

  • Arrangement: Leaves are arranged alternately along the stem.The leaf stalk (petiole) is long and also covered with fine hairs.


  • Height: Velvetleaf can grow up to 8 feet tall.

  • Texture: The stems are stout, erect, and covered with fine hairs, giving them a velvety feel.

  • Color: Stems are green but may have a reddish tinge.


  • Appearance: The flowers are small, about 1 inch in diameter, with five yellow to orange petals.

  • Bloom Time: Flowers typically bloom from mid-summer to early fall.

  • Location: Flowers are borne singly or in small clusters in the leaf axils (where the leaf meets the stem).

Seed Pods:

  • Shape: The seed pods are distinctive, resembling a small, spiny, cup-like structure with a series of beak-like projections.

  • Size: Each pod is about 1 inch in diameter.

  • Color: Pods are green when immature and turn brown as they mature.

  • Seeds: Each pod contains numerous small, hard, kidney-shaped seeds that are dark brown to black.


  • Type: Velvetleaf has a taproot system.

  • Depth: The taproot can penetrate deeply into the soil, making mature plants difficult to pull out.

By closely examining these characteristics, farmers can accurately identify velvetleaf and implement appropriate control measures to manage its spread and impact on crops.

Photo Credit: Phil Westra, Colorado State University,

Phil Westra, Colorado State University,

Timing of Velvetleaf Emergence

Velvetleaf typically emerges in the spring when soil temperatures reach around 55-60°F, which can vary depending on the region. In the United States, this generally means velvetleaf starts to impact fields from late April to early May. The weed continues to grow and compete with crops throughout the summer, peaking in its impact during the mid to late growing season.

How to Manage Velvetleaf in Corn and Soybeans

Farmers can chemically manage velvetleaf in corn fields using herbicides such as AgSaver™ Glyphosate 53.8% and Willowood Paraquat 3SL*. AgSaver™ Glyphosate 53.8% contains glyphosate, isopropylamine salt, and is labeled for use on velvetleaf in corn. Willowood Paraquat 3SL* contains paraquat dichloride and is also labeled for use on velvetleaf in corn.

These herbicides can be effective tools in an integrated weed management strategy to control velvetleaf and minimize its impact on corn yields.

Every product that labels VELVETLEAF as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
2,4-D Amine 42,4-D Amine 42,4-D Amine 4 Herbicide2,4-D LV 42,4-D LV 4 (Albaugh)2,4-D LV 6 (Albaugh)2,4-DB 1752,4-DB 1752,4-DB 175 Herbicide2,4-DB 2002,4-DB 2002,4-DB 2002,4-DB 200 Herbicide2,4-DB DMA 1752,4-DB DMA 200638 Herbicide875 BrushkillerAAtrex® 4L HerbicideAAtrex® Nine-O®Abundit® EdgeAbundit® EdgeAbundit™ Extra (Exclusively Distributed by DuPont)Accolade™ HerbicideAccord® Concentrate HerbicideAccord® XRT HerbicideAccord® XRT II HerbicideAccurate® HerbicideAcellus™ ATZAcifin™ 2LAcquit™ 4 FAcumen® HerbicideAcuron®Acuron® FlexiAcuron® GTAffinity® TankMixAffinity® TankMix Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Afforia™Agility® SG with TotalSol® Soluble GranulesAgri Star Dicamba HDAim® EC HerbicideAim® EW HerbicideAlecto™ 41SAlion® HerbicideAlite™ 27 HerbicideAlligare 2,4-D AmineAlligare 2,4-D LV6Alligare Dicamba 2,4-D DMAAlligare Dicamba 4Alligare Diuron 4LAlligare Flagstaff™ HerbicideAlligare Imazapyr 2 SLAlligare Imazapyr 4 SLAlligare MSM 60Alligare Oryzalin 4Alligare Rotary 2 SLAlluvex™Ally® XPAlly® XPAmine 4 2,4-DAmine 4 2,4-D HerbicideAmine 400 2,4-D Weed KillerAmvac Scepter® 70 DG herbicideAndros® 1.88Anthem® ATZ HerbicideAnthem® Flex HerbicideAnthem® HerbicideAnthem® MaxxAntik™ ECAqua Star®Aquamaster®AquaNeat® Aquatic HerbicideAquesta™ FRAquesta™ MTZArgosArmezon® herbicideArmezon® PRO herbicideArrest PlusArsenal® herbicideArsenal® herbicide Applicators ConcentrateArsenal® PowerLine™ herbicideAtra-5® HerbicideAtrazine 4LAtrazine 4LAtrazine 4L (ADAMA)Atrazine 4L (Drexel) HerbicideAtrazine 4L (Helena)Atrazine 4L (Loveland)Atrazine 4L (Tenkoz)Atrazine 4L Flowable Herbicide (Sipcam)Atrazine 4L herbicideAtrazine 90DFAtrazine 90DFAtrazine 90DF (Drexel)Atrazine 90DF Herbicide (ADAMA)Atrazine 90DF Herbicide (Sipcam)Atrazine 90WDGAtrazine DFAtticus Cavallo™ 4 SCAudit® 4:1Audit® 75 WDGAudit® 9:1 HerbicideAuthority® AssistAuthority® Edge HerbicideAuthority® First DFAuthority® MaxxAuthority® MTZ DFAuthority® Supreme HerbicideAuthority® XL HerbicideAutonomy™ HerbicideAvalanche® UltraAvalanche® UltraAxill Solutions Glufosinate 280SLAxiom® DFAxxe®Balance® FlexxBalance® ProBallast™Banvel 480 HerbicideBanvel® HerbicideBarrage® HFBasagran®Basagran® 5LBasagran® HerbicideBasagran® HerbicideBasagran® HerbicideBasagran® HerbicideBase Camp® Amine 4Base Camp® LV 6BashAzon HerbicideBasis® BlendBasis® HerbicideBatalium® AmpedBatalium® IIBatalium™Battle Star®Battleship® IIIBeacon® HerbicideBellum®Bestow™ HerbicideBeyond® herbicideBeyond® Xtra herbicideBicep II MAGNUM®Bicep II MAGNUM® FCBicep Lite II MAGNUM®Biscayne™Bison®Bison® HerbicideBK 800BL4BOABoomer™ HerbicideBoundary® 6.5 ECBrash®Brawl II ATZ™Brawl II™Breakfree® ATZBreakfree® ATZ LiteBreakfree® NXTBreakfree® NXT [supplemental dist.]Breakfree® NXT ATZBroadloom® HerbicideBroadrange® 55 HerbicideBroadStar® HerbicideBroadworks™Broclean®Broclean® HerbicideBromac®Bromac® AdvancedBronate® Advanced™Brox® 2ECBrox®-MBrox®-M UltraBrozine®Brush-Rhap®Brushmaster® HerbicideBuccaneer® (55467-10)Buccaneer® 5Buccaneer® 5 ExtraBuccaneer® Plus (55467-9)Bullet® HerbicideBurnMaster™ HerbicideButyrac® 175Butyrac® 200CaballeroCadence® ATZ NXTCadence® LA NXTCadence® NXT HerbicideCadence™ ATZCadence™ Lite ATZ HerbicideCadet™Cadre® herbicideCalibra™Callisto®Callisto® GTCallisto® XtraCamo™Canopy® BlendCanopy® EX HerbicideCanopy® HerbicideCapreno®Caravel® HerbicideCarnivore® HerbicideCelebrity® PlusCelsius® WGCelsius® WGCelsius® XtraCelsius® XtraChange Up™ Selective HerbicideCharger Basic®Charger MAX®Charger MAX® ATZCharger MAX® ATZ LiteChateau® EZChateau® Herbicide SWCheetah® HerbicideCheetah® ProCheetah™ Max HerbicideChlorimuron 25 WDGCimarron® MaxCimarron® Max HerbicideCimarron® Max Part BCimarron® Max Part B HerbicideCinch®Cinch® ATZCinch® ATZ LiteCinco™Ciramet™ HerbicideClarifier®Clarifier®Clarity® herbicideClash® Selective HerbicideClassic® HerbicideClassic® HerbicideClean Amine®Cleansweep® D HerbicideCleansweep™ M HerbicideCleantraxx™CleanWave® HerbicideClearGraze®Cloak®Cloak® EXClomate™ 3MECobra® HerbicideCollide™ HerbicideColt® ASColt®+Salvo® HerbicideColt®+Sword® HerbicideComet® Selective HerbicideCommand® 3MECommando M™Commando™Commit ATZ Lite HerbicideCommit® ATZ HerbicideComply™ HerbicideComradeConfidence®Confidence® XtraConfidence® Xtra 5.6LCornbelt® 4Lb. AmineCornbelt® 4Lb. Lo Vol EsterCornbelt® 6Lb. Lo Vol EsterCornbelt® Atrazine 4LCornbelt® Atrazine 90DFCornbelt® SalvanCornerstone K HerbicideCornerstone®Cornerstone® 5 PlusCornerstone® Plus (1381-192)Cornerstone® Plus (524-454-1381)Corsican HerbicideCorvetteCorvus®Coyote™Credit® 41Credit® 41 ExtraCredit® 5.4 ExtraCredit® XtremeCrusher®Crusher™Curio® HerbicideCurtail® HerbicideCurtail® M HerbicideD-638Daikon™Dawn® HerbicideDe-Amine™ 4De-Ester™LV4Deadbolt®DefiniteDefy® Amine 4Defy® LV-4Defy® LV-6Degree Xtra® HerbicideDegree Xtra® HerbicideDegree® HerbicideDepth Charge™Derecho™Derigo® HerbicideDerive 75 DFDerive® 4LDetail® powered by Kixor® herbicideDetermine™ 4LDetonate® HerbicideDetonate® Herbicide (old version)Diablo® Herbicide (Nufarm)Dicam De-Ester®Dicamba De-Amine®Dicamba DGADicamba DMA SaltDicamba DMA Salt 5Dicamba HD 5Dicamba Max 4Dicamba XPDiCash DGA-4DiFlexx® DUODiFlexx™ HerbicideDimetric® DF 75%Dimetric® EXTDimetric® LiquidDirex® 4LDisha DMADismiss® CA HerbicideDismiss® Turf HerbicideDistinct® herbicideDiuron 4LDiuron 4LDiuron 4LDiuron 4L (Drexel)Diuron 80Diuron 80 DFDiuron 80 WDG Weed KillerDiuron 80DFDMA® 4 IVM HerbicideDog Fight™Doleac™ DMADolerity™ DGADouble HeaderDrexel Dicamba HerbicideDrexel Mes-O-Sate™Dri-Clean® HerbicideDrillDryphosate 75SGDual MAGNUM®DuPont Matrix® SGDuramax® HerbicideDurango® DMA® HerbicideDurango® DMA® HerbicideDurus®E-2 HerbicideEchelon® 4SC HerbicideEcomazapyr 2 SLEdict® 2SCEdition® TankmixElectra 5.6LElliptical™ HerbicideEmbed® ExtraEmbed™Encompass™EndRun®Engenia HerbicideEnlist Duo™ Herbicide with Colex D TechnologyEnlist One™Enlite®Envive®Envive® HerbicideEnvoke®Envoke® HerbicideEnvy™Envy™ IntenseEnvy™ Six MaxEquip™Escalade® 2EsplAnade® 200 SCEsplAnade® 200 SCEsplAnade® EZEsplAnade® SureEssensaEstablish ATZ™Establish Lite™ET® Herbicide/DefoliantET®X Herbicide/DefoliantEtcetraEverpreX™Evik® DFEvinco™Expert® HerbicideExplorer®Extra Credit 5®Extreme® herbicideFacet® L herbicideFallOut™ HerbicideFancyFar ReachFarmer's First™ Acetochlor 7EC HerbicideFearlessFearless Xtra 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Star® OriginalGly Star® PlusGly Star® Pro Grass and Weed KillerGlyfine™ PlusGlyfos® Aquatic HerbicideGlyfos® X-TRA HerbicideGlyphogan® HerbicideGlyphogan® Plus HerbicideGlyphosate 4 PlusGlyphosate 5.4Goal® 2XL HerbicideGoal® 2XL HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGovee™Grapple™Gravitas®Guardsman Max® herbicideHABITAT® herbicideHalex® GTHalomax™ 75Hamper™ HerbicideHamper™ II HerbicideHarass® HerbicideHarbinger® Herbicide (241-337-34704)HardBall®Harmony® GT XPHarmony® SG Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Harmony® SG with TotalSol®Harness® 20G HerbicideHarness® HerbicideHarness® Herbicide (Monsanto)Harness® MAX HerbicideHarness® MAX HerbicideHarness® XtraHarness® Xtra (Monsanto)Harness® Xtra 5.6 LHarness® Xtra 5.6LHarrow™Hat Trick® Three Way HerbicideHavoc LV-SixHavoc™ LV FourHeadwinHelena Atrazine 4F HerbicideHelena Atrazine 90-DGHelena® PendimethalinHelm Sulfentrazone 4FHelmetHelmet MaxxHelmet SPCHelosate® 75 SGHelosate® Plus AdvancedHerbivore® HerbicideHi-Dep® Broadleaf 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HerbicideLock Down™Lock Down™ SCLongbow™ ECLorox® DFLow Vol 4 Ester Weed KillerLow Vol 6 Ester Weed KillerLumax®Lumax® EZLV 400 2,4-D Weed Killer Solvent FreeMad Dog®Mad Dog® 5.4Mad Dog® PlusMaestro® 2ECMaestro® 4ECMaestro® AdvancedMaestro® DMaestro® MAMainline™Makaze Yield Pro®Makaze® HerbicideMamba™Marengo®Marengo®Marengo®Marengo® GMarengo® GMarksman® herbicideMarvel HerbicideMatador®Matador®-SMatrix® FNVMatrix® SGMauler™ HerbicideMaverick™ Corn HerbicideMaxunitech Carfentrazone + Sulfentrazone SEMCPA AmineMe-Too-Lachlor™Me-Too-Lachlor™ IIMe-Too-Lachlor™ MTZMe-Try-Buzin™ 4LMe-Try-Buzin™ 75DFMedal®Medal® IIMedal® II ATMedal® II ATZMerissaMeso StarMeso Star PlusMesoCore®Mesotrione 4SCMesoTryOne™ 4LMesoXtra HerbicideMetalicaMetalliS™ MTZMetalliS™ PFXMetolachlor + MesoATZMetolachlor 8EMetribuzin 4LMetribuzin 75Metribuzin 75DFMetricor™ 4FMetricor™ DFMetriflex 4SCMetrixxMetrixx 75DFMetrixx PlusMetrixx SCMetsulMezaVue™Micro-Tech®Milo-Pro®Mirage® (524-445-34704)Moccasin® MTZMoccasin™Moccasin™ II PlusMojave 70 EGMongoose™ HerbicideMotif™ HerbicideMoxy® 2EMTZ Co-PackNorthstar® HerbicideNoventa™ HerbicideNufarm Imazapic 2SLNufarm Imazapic 2SL IVM HerbicideNufarm Imazuron™ HerbicideNufarm Leopard™ HerbicideNufarm Polaris® AC Complete HerbicideNufarm Polaris® AC HerbicideNufarm Polaris® HerbicideNufarm Polaris® SPNufarm Prosedge Selective HerbicideNufarm Prosedge Selective Herbicide²Octivio™Octivio™ PulseOmni® Brand Metribuzin 75 DFOpportunityOptero™Opti-Amine®OpTill® powered by Kixor® herbicideOpTill® PRO Herbicide (Liquid)OpTill® PRO powered by Kixor® herbicideOptogen™Orchard Clean®Orchard Star®Oryzalin 4 A.S. HerbicideOutflank™Outlaw®OverTime™ ATZ HerbicideOverTime™ ATZ Lite HerbicideOverTime™ ATZ Lite NXTOverTime™ ATZ NXTOverTime™ NXTOxyfluorfen 2E HerbicideOxyStar® 2EOxystar® 4LPalace™ Selective HerbicidePanoflex™Panoflex™ Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Panoramic® 2SLPanther® D HerbicidePanther® HerbicidePanther® MTZ HerbicidePanther® Pro HerbicidePanther® SC HerbicideParallel® HerbicideParallel® PCS HerbicideParallel® PlusParamount® herbicideParrot™ 4LParrot™ DFPassage™ HerbicidePasturAll® HL Specialty HerbicidePasturAll® Specialty HerbicidePasture Pro® HerbicidePastureGard® HLPastureGard® Specialty HerbicidePatriot® HerbicidePayback ATZPayload® HerbicidePayload® SCPeak®Peak®Pemex™Pendulum® 2G granule herbicidePendulum® 3.3 EC herbicidePendulum® AquaCap™ herbicidePerfection® Weed & Feed 21-7-14PerfectMatch™ HerbicidePermit Plus®Permit® HerbicidePerpetuo™ HerbicidePhenomenon™Phenomenon™ DuoPhoenix Hammerkop™ HydroCapPhoenix Harrier® 4LPhoenix™ HerbicidePin-Dee™ 3.3 ECPin-Dee™ 3.3 T & OPindar® GTPiper™ HerbicidePixxaro® ECPlainview® SCPlateau® herbicidePlotter® Agricultural HerbicidePowerZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfPraxisPraxis PlusPRE-Tector™ Plus ECPrefix® HerbicidePrequel®Presidual™ HerbicidePreview™ 2.1 SC HerbicidePriority 8EPriority MAPriority MesoPriority® GTPriority® MTZPrizeProfine™ 75Promenade™Promote™Prowl® 3.3 EC herbicideProwl® H2O herbicidePruvin® HerbicidePunchPurestand™Pursuit® herbicidePylex™ herbicidePyresta®Pyrimax™ 3.2 L HerbicidePysonex™ HerbicidePython® HerbicidePython® WDG HerbicideQuake™ HerbicideQuali-Pro® Expel Turf HerbicideQuartz™ 4LQuartz™ HerbicideQuinark™ EWQuincept®QuinStar® 4LRadar™ AM 4Rancor™ 4 FRancor™ 75 DFRange Star®Range Star® XLTRanger PRO® HerbicideRanger PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Rapport® Tank Mix HerbicideRaptor® herbicideRascal® PlusRave® HerbicideRavine™Razor Burn®Razor®Razor® ProRazor® Xtreme HerbicideRealm® QRealm® QReciteReckon™ 280SLRedEagle Flumioxazin 51% WDG Specialty + Field (California)Refer® 280 SL HerbicideReflex®Rejuvra®Rejuvra™Rely® 280Rely® 280 HerbicideReptile WDGRequire® Q (mp)Resicore®Resicore® XLResist™ HerbicideResist™ HerbicideResolve® DFResolve® QResolve® Q (mp)Resolve® SGResource® HerbicideRestraint™ herbicideRevitonRevulin® QRevulin® QRezult® B herbicideRezult® G herbicideRezuvant™ herbicideRhythm® HerbicideRifle Plus®Rifle®Rifle®-DRingside®Rixa™Ro-Neet® HerbicideRodeo® HerbicideRoundup Custom®Roundup Custom® (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX®Roundup PowerMAX® 3 (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX® 3 HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® IIRoundup PowerMAX® II (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® ConcentrateRoundup PRO® Concentrate (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® HerbicideRoundup PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup PROMAX® HerbicideRoundup PROMAX® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup QuikPRO®Roundup QuikPRO™ (Monsanto)Roundup Ultra®Roundup WeatherMAX® (Monsanto)Roundup WeatherMAX® HerbicideRowel™ FX HerbicideRowel™ HerbicideRT 3® HerbicideRT 3® Herbicide (Monsanto)Rugged® HerbicideRumble®Saber®Saddle-Up®Sage™Sahara® DG herbicideSalvo®SalvusSandea®Satellite® 3.3 herbicideSatellite® FlexSatellite® HydroCap herbicideSavage® Dry SolubleScepter® 70 DG herbicideScoparia HerbicideScorch™Scorch™ EXTScout™ HerbicideScrollOVR™Scroll™ 2 XLSedgeHammer® +SedgeHammer® Turf HerbicideSedona®Semera™ 51.0% WDGSemera™ SCSentrallas® HerbicideSentrallas™Sequence®Shafen HerbicideShafen StarShar-Max Glyphosate 41% SLShark® EWSharpSharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicideShieldex® 400SC HerbicideShowcase™ Specialty HerbicideShowdown® HerbicideShredder® 2,4-D LV6Shredder® Amine 4Shredder® MCPAShredder™ 2,4-D LV4Shredder™ E-99Simazat™ 4LSimazat™ 90DFSimazine 4LSimazine 90DFSinate® HerbicideSinister™Sinkerball®Slider® ATZSlider® ATZ LiteSmackdown™Snapshot® 2.5 TG Specialty HerbicideSnapshot® DG Specialty HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSolida® HerbicideSolida® HerbicideSolitare® HerbicideSolstice® HerbicideSolution Water Soluble®Solve™ 2,4-DSonic® HerbicideSortie™ ATZSortie™ ATZ LiteSotrion™ HerbicideSparrow™Spartan® 4FSpartan® ChargeSpartan® FL 4FSpecticle® FloSpecticle® Flo HerbicideSpecticle® GSpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpirit® HerbicideSpitfire™ HerbicideSpoiler® HerbicideSquareOne® HerbicideStadia™Stalwart® 2WStalwart® 3WStalwart® C HerbicideStalwart® HerbicideStalwart® MTZStalwart® Xtra HerbicideStalwart® Xtra LiteStanza™ HerbicideStaple® LXStarane® NXT HerbicideStarane® Ultra HerbicideStareDown®Stark™ UltraStatement™ HerbicideStatus® herbicideStaunch® IIStaunch™ HerbicideSteadfast®Steadfast® QSteadfast® QStealth CompleteSterling Blue® HerbicideSterling® BlueSterling® Blue DGAStoren™Storm® HerbicideStout®Strategy™StreliuS™ IIStrike Three Ultra® 2Stringent™Strive™Strongarm® HerbicideStrut®Suerte™Sulfentrazone 4LSulfin® 4SCSunphosate 41%Sunphosate 5 MAX (Wynca)Super Trimec® Broadleaf HerbicideSuperBrush™ KillerSupremacy® HerbicideSuprend®Sure Power® Selective HerbicideSureGuard® HerbicideSureGuard® SC HerbicideSurepyc™SureStart® HerbicideSureStart® IISurflan® A.S. AgriculturalSurflan® AS SpecialtySurflan® FlexSurflan® Flex T&OSurflan® XL 2GSurge® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSurmise®Surmise® 5Surmount® HerbicideSurpass® NXTSurveil® HerbicideSurveil™ Co-PackSurveil™ Co-Pack (Surveil™ V)Synchrony® XPTackle® HerbicideTailspin™ HerbicideTailwind™Talinor™Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® TechnologyTendovo®Tenkoz® Amine 4 2,4-D (71368-1-55467)Tenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileTenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 Solventless HerbicideTenkoz® Lo-Vol 6 2,4-D Low Volatile HerbicideTestify™Tetris™ SGThief™Thistrol® HerbicideThreesidual™ HerbicideThrottle® XPThunder Master®Thunder®Tide Glufosinate 280 SLTide MSM 60 DF HerbicideTigris™ Sulfen FirstTop Deck™ Aquatic HerbicideTop Gun® HerbicideTopeka®Torment®Total TNVTotal® 2.3Total® HerbicideTouchdown HiTech®Touchdown® CTTouchdown® HerbicideTraject™ 4SCTravallas™Traxion®Treaty®Treevix® powered by Kixor® herbicideTreflan® HFP HerbicideTremor NXTTremor® ATZ Lite NXTTremor® ATZ NXTTriamine®Triangle® HerbicideTribal™Tribute® TotalTribute® TotalTriCor® 4FTriCor® DFTrifluence™Trimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® 992 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Encore Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Southern Broadleaf HerbicideTriple Shot™TripleFLEX® II HerbicideTripleFLEX® II HerbicideTripleFLEX™ HerbicideTripzin™ ZCTrisidual™ HerbicideTriumph® XTRTrivence™TriVolt™Trizar™TrizMax™Trizmet™ IITrizmet™ LiteTrooper™ ProTrumpcard®Truslate®Truslate™ ProTurret®Tuscany®Tuscany® SC HerbicideUltra Blazer® (UPI)Undercover™Unison® Novel BroadleafUP-Front™Upbeet®Upbeet® HerbicideUproarValor® EZ Herbicide¹Valor® EZ Herbicide²Valor® SX HerbicideValor® XLT Soybean HerbicideVamos®Vanquish® HerbicideVaristo® herbicideVarsity®Varsity® SCVendetta® HerbicideVengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVenue®Verdict® powered by Kixor® herbicideVerify™Veteran® 720 HerbicideVibrantVida® Herbicide/DesiccantVilify®Vios™ FX HerbicideVision™ HerbicideVisor BroadcropVisor® S-MOCVista® XRT HerbicideVolley® ATZVolley® ATZ LiteVolley® ATZ LITE NXTVolley® ATZ NXTVolley® NXTVolta®Vopak® 3MEVoucher®Vulture™Warfox™Weed Rhap® A-4DWeedar® 64WeeDestroy® AM-40 Amine SaltWeedmaster® HerbicideWeedone® 638Weedone® 650Weedone® LV4 ECWeedone® LV4 SolventlessWeedone® LV6 ECWeld® HerbicideWhiplash™Whiteout® 2,4-DWideARmatch™ HerbicideWideMatch® HerbicideWildCard® XTRAWillowood Chlorim 25WDGWillowood Clomazone 3MEWillowood Cloran DFWillowood Fomesafen 1.88SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SL (OT)Willowood Glypho 6Willowood Imazethapyr 2SLWillowood Lactofen 2ECWillowood Mesotrione 4SCWillowood Metribuzin 75DFWillowood Metriosate GTWillowood OxyFlo 2ECWillowood OxyFlo 4SCWillowood Sulfen ChlorimWillowood Sulfen CloranWillowood Sulfen ImazWillowood Sulfen MetWillowood Sulfentrazone AssistWolverine® AdvancedWolverine® HerbicideXL 2GXtendimax w/VaporGrip Technology (2020)XtendiMax® With VaporGrip® TechnologyYukon® HerbicideZalo® HerbicideZaltus™ SCZemax™ Selective HerbicideZeus® HerbicideZeus® Prime XCZidua® HerbicideZidua® PRO powered by Kixor® herbicideZidua® SC herbicideZone AssistZone DefenseZone HerbicideZone Maxx Herbicide