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Farm Land Loans from FBN® Finance

Save thousands by financing your farm or ranch at a great rate with a team that knows ag.
Funding Solutions

Farm Land Loans

FBN Finance offers ag lending solutions to help producers finance their operation.

Whether you’re planning to expand your operation with a new land purchase, refinance your farm or make improvements to your ranch, the FBN Finance team is ready to help you secure the land loan you need to build a stronger financial future.

There are a number of reasons to work with FBN Finance on your operation’s financing, including:

Great Rates

With FBN Finance you can feel confident that you are getting a great rate. We are often able to save customers thousands of dollars thanks to our low overhead, competitive rates and nationwide network.

Instant Approvals

Our straightforward online application will likely save you time and empower you to track your application's progress throughout the process. Plus with FBN Finance’s instant approvals, your land loan application could potentially be approved within minutes for land loans up to $2.5 million* if you qualify.

Exceptional Service

We are dedicated to family farmers. We work with growers and producers to provide creative solutions to their financing needs, approaching every farmer’s situation uniquely and never with a cookie-cutter recommendation.

Deep Industry Experience

Our 35+ loan advisors, analysts and closers each have an average of 15 years of ag finance experience and look forward to utilizing their expertise to improve your financing experience. Our team understands your business as many of our ag finance professionals are producers themselves!

Today’s Land Loan Rates

Rates as of 6/07/2023.

30-Year Fixed

ProductInterest Rate
1-Year Variable
5-Year Variable
7-Year Fixed
10-Year Variable
15-Year Fixed
20-Year Fixed
25-Year Fixed

What Is a Farm Land Loan? 

Farm land loans are primarily designed to help farmers fund the purchase or refinance of agricultural lands. This can include farms, ranches, timberland and hunting land.

What Can Farm Land Loans Be Used For?

Farm land financing is not limited to purchasing land. It can also be used for financing any improvements on these lands, including:

  • Construction of livestock facilities

  • Barns, silos & outbuildings

  • Grain storage

  • Hunting ground for recreational use 

Farm land loans may also allow you to purchase new farm land or refinance existing debt on your property for a lower interest rate. Some lenders can also help you access additional financing by borrowing against your land.

Typically, land is a farmer’s largest asset and many people have equity that is built up from years of paying down debt and the appreciation of their land. An example of an asset-backed product is a long-term revolving line of credit with 5-10 year draw periods which can be used for operations, improvements, or established for future land purchases.

Leveraging the equity in your land can improve your access to working capital and give you additional liquidity for operational needs.


How to Estimate Farm Land Loan Payments

With a Farmers First® mindset at the forefront of everything we do at FBN, we developed a Farm Land Loan Calculator to bring much needed transparency to the typically ambiguous farm land loan process.

By estimating rates and fees up front, the free calculator helps you effectively plan and strategize your financial options for future land purchases, which can include farms, ranches, timberland, and hunting land. Compare different loan options prior to a land purchase to determine which path forward will work best for your Ag operation. 

To estimate your farm land loan payments with FBN Finance, use the Farm Land Loan Calculator to:

1. Answering a few questions to provide basic information about your loan, including: 

  • Your desired loan amount (minimum of $75,000 required)

  • Estimated land value and acreage (minimum of 10 acres required)

  • Your credit score

2. Receiving an estimate of your semi-annual or annual loan payments based on the information you provided and our current rates at FBN Finance.


How Does the Farm Land Loan Application Process Work?

Applying for an ag land loan can often feel like a complicated process. At FBN Finance, we strive to make the farm land loan application process as streamlined and simple as possible so you can spend your time where it should really be spent: on your operation. Get customized financing for your FBN Finance farm land loan in five straightforward steps:

1. Apply in Minutes

Complete the brief FBN Finance farm land loan application securely online or contact a member of our advisory team for additional support. Once submitted, you can track the progress of your application as it is reviewed by our team.

2. Upload Documents

With a guided process to help you complete the submission process quickly, our secure system will walk you through your necessary document uploads. See a full list of required documents by clicking the link below.

3. Receive a Decision

Next, our dedicated FBN Finance loan advisors will review your application and determine your approval in as little as 48 hours.

4. Value Your Farm Land

If your application and documents are approved, an appraiser will then assess the value of your land. Note that your operation must have a minimum of 10 acres to be eligible for a farm land loan from FBN Finance.
Image of combine with Farmers First flag

5. Get Funded

Once your farm land appraisal is complete, you’ll secure your land loan interest rate, sign the final documents, and receive your loan funding.

Ready to Apply for a Farm Land Loan from FBN Finance?

Ready to Apply for a Farm Land Loan from FBN Finance?

If a land loan sounds like the right fit for your ag operation, complete the form below or call 866-551-3950 to speak directly with a member of the FBN Finance team today.


Loans can be made on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Prices shown here are based on semi-annual payments. Annual payments increase the interest rate by 0.15%.

No. There is no prepayment penalty.

Your loan will have title fees, appraisal fees, and an origination fee. In most cases, these fees are less than 1% of the loan value. In many cases, they can be added to the loan itself, so you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs at closing. Title fees and appraisal fees are passed on to the applicant at cost. If you have a current land appraisal that is less than one year old, you may be able to reuse it, subject to Farmer Mac’s guidelines. FBN’s origination fee varies by size, but will either be 0.65% or 0.3%.

With other lenders, waiting for a decision on a loan application can take anywhere from five to 10 business days. That waiting period can be stressful and cause delays in important decisions for your operation. With FBN® Finance, however, the application process is much quicker. If you qualify, your land loan application could potentially be approved within minutes for land loans up to $2.5 million*. 

You will work with one of our Loan Advisors as well as our team of credit analysts and loan closers.

While we work with Farmer Mac to provide the financing, we will be your “Field Servicer.” This means we will be your first point of contact for any issues you have with the loan.

We finance land that is used for agricultural purposes. These property types include farms, ranches, bare land, timberland and hunting land as well as improvements.

Your land must be a minimum of at least 10 acres.

The minimum loan amount is $75k with no restriction on the maximum requested.


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1. Approval is conditional and subject to final review and verification. Approval, loan closing, and funding are subject to the product’s terms and conditions, and underwriting. Length of time necessary to complete the financing process, if qualified, will vary and depend on one's individual circumstances. 

2. Applications above $2.5M and certain applications below $2.5M will require further review and will not receive an instant decision.

3. If you are applying for a loan greater than $2.5M or your initial application was in review, you will likely receive your decision in as little as 48 hours after this step.

4. Desktop appraisal available on vacant land in MN, IL, IA, IN, OH, ND, SD, NE, MO & MI. Full appraisal required on improved property in the aforementioned states, as well as for all other states. Title work necessary in all states.

*This is a non-exhaustive list. There may be situations in which additional or updated documentation will be required. 

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