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In addition to raising corn, soybeans, popcorn and wheat on an Indiana farm with his dad and grandpa, Brian is the personality behind The Farmer’s Life, which has reached more than 59,000 followers on Facebook. Brian’s 1-minute video of his kindergartner driving the tractor while planting has been viewed more than 8 million times. A proud Purdue University ag alumni, Brian received a bachelor’s degree in soil and crop management. | @thefarmerslife

Most cattle producers feed their cattle minerals... but are they feeding them the right ones? And how high should cattle mineral intake be? To address common producer questions and offer suggestions on what beef producers should consider when developing a mineral program, we spoke with Dr. Brian Dor

Transitioning calves from pasture to the feedyard can be a stressful process for cattle... but it doesn't have to be. Anything producers can do to minimize that stress helps calves respond better to vaccines, stay healthy and start eating feed sooner. Calf Stress Factors Some of the main factors tha

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Why Cattle Implants Pay

Implants are a great investment technology for cattle producers with one of the highest returns on investment. How do implants work, and how do they actually pay off in the long run? How Implants Work Implants are small pellets inserted into the ear of a calf that slowly release a growth stimulant t

When done correctly, breeding cattle via artificial insemination (AI) can achieve successful conception rates. It’s important to be mindful of using the proper techniques and procedures for your AI program. Planning and setting up a proper estrous synchronization protocol in conjunction with CIDRs ®

With breeding season upon us, cattlemen are asking themselves how to best take advantage of their breeding window. Understanding estrous synchronization in cattle and how to use it in your breeding program will help you set yourself up for success. For many, following an effective estrous synchroniz

Sep 15, 2021

by Brian Paff

There’s a lot to keep up with when you’re farming. You’ve got to maintain records of seed varieties planted, chem purchases, field maps, pesticide and fertilizer applications, scale tickets and more. And organizing all of this information in a way that lets you access it when needed and use it to su

Sep 08, 2021

by Brian Paff

Today’s farmers know the value satellite imagery can bring to their operation. It has the potential to serve as your scout in the sky, giving you a bird’s eye view of your crops with regular progress updates and an overview of stress spots you may not notice from the ground. With a free FBN® members

Sep 01, 2021

by Brian Paff

There’s a lot on your mind when you’re a farmer. From selecting the right seed and crop protection inputs to watching the weather and monitoring pest pressures, the mental load of farming can be heavy. So when it comes time to sell your grain, you might find yourself without the time, energy or reso