Art Liming

At FBN/Gradable, we provide commercial agriculture clients with risk management systems and our cutting-edge, transparent and flexible structured products. I started in the futures industry 30+ years ago even before graduating from college. In that time I've worked in and developed an in-depth knowledge of many segments of the commodity futures trading business.  I have written intraday, daily, and weekly commentary covering agricultural markets for use by large commercial processors, producers, and speculative funds. Before joining FBN, I worked at a prominent hedge broker, helping agricultural producers and end users understand their options in risk management. Before that I was with a large bank as a Futures Specialist, concentrating on agricultural commodity markets, and used both fundamental supply and demand factors and technical price indicators to formulate short, medium, and long term trend outlooks. I've worked in the research department of the largest non-bank FCM as an agricultural analyst on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and Mercantile Exchange.


Phone: (773) 295-7383

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