Peter McKeegan

Peter McKeegan has been in commodities since 1992. He was on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade for several years before becoming a broker. Peter has traded for himself and others. He has worked with hedgers, speculators, individuals and commercial firms. He has worked with grains, soybeans, cotton, rice canola, livestock and dairy. Interest rates and currencies are also part of his background. Having worked in risk management for thirty years, Peter brings a depth and breadth of experience to the farmers he works with. "I have a passion for farming and a passion for the markets" is his approach. It is the role of the risk manager to ask, "What if I'm wrong?" His years of experience can put this into focus for you.


Call: 605-273-2182

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Our Salute to Veterans

Nov 12, 2017

by Peter Sherman

I was recently sorting through some old boxes in the garage when I found a collection of letters that were written by my grandfather to his parents during World War II. The return addresses were from San Francisco, Hawaii, and all over the South Pacific, all addressed to his small family farm in Mil