4 Ways Price Transparency Will Change the Way You Buy Inputs

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Sep 01, 2018

FBN℠ Price Transparency combines radical transparency on farm input prices, the power of the FBN network , and our Farmers First® mission. Farmers are too often in the dark about what chemicals and seeds really cost and what are true fair market prices. 

FBN Price Transparency is an essential tool when you buy inputs. Members have reported saving over $20,000 using this pricing information to negotiate fair deals with their suppliers.

1. Compare your ag chemical prices to market averages price and prices other FBN members have received.

With Price Transparency, you’ll see prices for hundreds of ag chemicals and seeds reported by real invoices from FBN members. Now you can see what prices other farmers received before you negotiate with your chemical or seed dealer.  

2. Discover new products with the Same Active, Same Concentration.

On each product page you’ll see other products that contain the same concentration of Active Ingredients. By clicking similar products, you’ll see their prices and can determine if using other brands could save you even more while achieving the same crop affect.

3. Identify other products with the same Active, Different Concentration.

All ag chemicals are not created equal, and products that contain the same molecules can come in different concentrations of Active Ingredients. That means that if you vary the application rate of these products, you can achieve the same applied concentration of active ingredient and can take advantage of lesser known products that might sell at a significant discount.

4. View thousands of ag chemical labels in FBN Price Transparency.

Find thousands of ag chemical labels right in your FBN account -- powered by the Crop Data Management Services (CDMS®) label database. Check recommended rates, handling restrictions, directions for use right and recommended application schedules.

FBN Price Transparency is a sharing service, meaning members who contribute prices can unlock the anonymous network analytics on hundreds of popular crop inputs (a minimum of 3 prices is required). 

See How Your Input Prices Compare To The National Average

Join The FBN Network Today!

FBN Price Transparency is powered by farmers working together on the FBN network. To Unlock Price Transparency, simply join FBN and send copies of your invoices.

•  E-mail or text a photo or PDF of an invoice/quote to data@farmersbusinessnetwork.com

•  Upload directly through your FBN account in the "My Data" tab.

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FBN Network

Sep 01, 2018