5 Things You Can Do with the FBN App

Sarah Mock

May 13, 2016

Easily track all the activities that are happening on your operation, collaborate with your team, and locate events at the field-level all from your mobile device with the FBN app.

When you’re out in the field, keeping track of activities and events on each field can be frustrating. With the FBN app, all you need is your smartphone to keep track of your team and the activities on your whole operation.

1. See an up-to-the-minute activity timeline for your whole operation.

The FBN app keeps everyone on the same page by allowing every member of your team to submit records about their activities to your farm’s activity timeline. Your timeline is a standard reference for what’s happening on your operation at everyone’s fingertips.

2. Monitor the progress of your major events with activity tags.

Label each record in the FBN ap with a tag - whether you’re planting, doing applications, scouting, tilling, irrigating, or noting crop damage - so that you can track the progress of the most important events on your farm right from your phone.

3. Take notes offline and sync later.

No WiFi? No cell service? No problem. With the FBN app, you won’t be crippled by connectivity. You can take notes and tag activities offline, and as soon as you come back into service range, your records will sync automatically. You’ll stay up to speed with your team and never have to worry about duplicating work or missing an important update.

4. Collaborate more effectively with your whole team.

Looking for a way to create more accountability on your team? With the FBN app, it’s easy to see what’s getting done and who’s doing it, as each of your sub-accounts are separately labeled and a user can only edit the records they’ve created. Free up your field team to focus on their work by giving them a fast and simple way to check in or let you know when something changes. Need to make a note for your eyes only? You can also set a record to “Only Me” and keep it off the shared timeline.

Interested in adding sub-accounts? Learn how here.

5. Focus on a single field with GPS-enabled field locations.

When you enable the FBN app to use your location, the app will automatically assign records you create to the nearest field. Plus, you can select a field from the fields list to view the specific field-level timeline. Adding a note from the office? You can also assign a note to the relevant field wherever you are by manually setting the record location.

Available on iPhone® and AndroidTM

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Sarah Mock

May 13, 2016