FBN®, ADM Partner to Offer FBN’s Gradable® Digital Farm Business Management Platform to 55,000 Farmers

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Jul 21, 2022

Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership between Farmers Business Network® and ADM, a leader in sustainable nutrition and agriculture, that will expand availability of FBN’s leading-edge digital farm business management platform, Gradable®, to ADM’s network of 55,000 North American farmers. The agreement will offer growers a comprehensive digital solution to manage their businesses and track their sustainable production data. 

What does this new partnership mean for farmers? 

By harnessing FBN’s leading farm e-commerce and data insights in combination with ADM’s position as one of the biggest grain buyers worldwide, Gradable will empower farmers to identify new opportunities for profitability, including reporting and verification capabilities that will enable them to engage in regenerative agriculture programs and capitalize on growing market interest in low-carbon grain

“Combining ADM’s scale and expertise and FBN’s digital technology with the ability to efficiently, accurately, and consistently calculate and verify regenerative farm practices is powerful and promises to serve as a catalyst for the development of premium markets that reward farmers for sustainable production,” said FBN CEO Amol Deshpande. “This level of transparency is then transferred down the line to consumers, supporting demand for sustainable consumption.”

As a leader in the decarbonization of the ag industry, ADM strives to meet demand for sustainably produced food, beverage and consumer products. The group’s new partnership with FBN will “expand our array of digital tools and offer our farmer partners a leading-edge platform to measure and verify regenerative agriculture practices, and help manage their businesses,” said Greg Morris, president of ADM’s Ag Services and Oilseeds business. “We’re excited to work with more farmers to find new opportunities for them to benefit from the production of differentiated, sustainably produced crops.”

How does FBN’s Gradable support farmers? 

A modern, digital infrastructure designed to enhance the relationship between farmers and grain buyers, FBN’s Gradable platform supports secure and efficient grain transactions for production agriculture. 

FBN’s Gradable is not only the major digital innovation farmers need to identify opportunities to drive profitability, but it is also the carbon accounting system upon which a low-carbon ag economy can be built, with the potential to decarbonize the food and fuel supply chains on a gigaton scale,” explained FBN CEO Amol Deshpande. 

By enabling farmers to effectively capture and analyze production data like carbon scores, the platform empowers farmers to increasingly participate in new sustainability markets and further monetize their operations. Farmers who utilize Gradable’s environmental scoring function in addition to adopting regenerative agricultural practices have produced grain with 20-30% smaller carbon intensity footprints.

Interested in maximizing your operation’s profitability?

Learn more about Gradable here.  

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Jul 21, 2022