Why I Chose FBN®: Amanda McArthur, Regional Director, Canada

Melissa Niedrich

May 05, 2022

Our ‘Why I Chose FBN’ series features stories from employees across different roles, teams and geographies on how they got to FBN, what it’s like to work here and how their teams help fulfill our mission of putting Farmers First®.

When did you join FBN, what is your current role at FBN, where are you based and what are your responsibilities? 

I joined FBN in January 2019 and was employee number three when FBN decided to expand into Canada. I started out as an Account Executive based in Saskatchewan. I worked in that role for just over a year and I was promoted to the Regional Manager role which has now evolved into the Regional Director role for Canada East Region.

I am based in Watrous, SK and I work remotely. I am responsible for managing the FBN Direct® sales teams for North East SK, Central SK, South East SK, South West SK, all of Manitoba and Ontario. I have 6 Outside AEs and 2 Inside AEs that report to me.

What was your previous work experience before joining FBN

Before I joined FBN, I worked in several different sales roles in the Ag Industry. These roles helped shape the person I have become. I have experience working with seed, fertilizer, crop inputs, agronomy and precision ag. I am also an active partner in our family farm, working with my husband and his family on a 10,000 acre grain farm in Watrous, SK.

What did you first find compelling about FBN that led you to want to learn more? 

I decided to come to FBN because the mission and vision of the company aligned with my core values. Working in the Ag Industry, I always struggled wearing two hats - my farmer hat and my industry hat. 

With FBN, those two hats aligned and it was no longer a balancing act between the two. The transparency that FBN brings to the industry is game-changing and I really appreciated that. Farmers First was something that resonated with me and I wanted to see what that was all about.

Why did you ultimately decide to join FBN? What did this thought process look like for you? 

I decided to take the leap of faith and join FBN because I knew one of the company’s leaders from a previous work experience. He convinced me to come work for this new start-up that was going to make waves not only in Canada, but the entire Ag industry. I was in a place in my career where I liked the opportunity that FBN presented and I also saw the opportunity for growth.

Now that you’ve joined, how would you describe FBN’s culture and what it’s like to work here? 

The people are the #1 reason why I like FBN so much. The Canadian team is one of the best teams I have had the privilege to work with. The passion and the drive to succeed on Team Canada is definitely incomparable to any other sales team that I have worked with in the past. 

We have had to work extra hard the past four years to get where we are today and what we have achieved and overcome as a team is something I am extremely proud of and happy that I was able to be a part of.

What kind of impact are you and your team having on the company’s future? 

My team is extremely driven to change how the Ag industry works in Canada. Over the last four years, we have worked very hard to help growers think differently when it comes to purchasing their crop inputs. 

The business is growing extremely fast in Canada and that is because of my team and all of Team Canada working hard to put Farmers First everyday. This will lead to many more great opportunities for FBN to help Canadian farmers in different parts of their operations.

How does FBN’s mission come to life in your day-to-day work? How does your work positively impact farmers? 

Farmers First is our true north star and every decision we make as a salesperson or management team is guided by that mission. This makes our story great and we are writing our story as we go. The day-to-day interaction and conversations with farmers is great when we have the product they need and we can sell it to them at a competitive, fair price. 

I appreciate that we have the Farmers First mentality and act on it, especially in our daily conversations. This builds trust and relationships with our customers and allows us to know that we are having a positive impact on their bottom line.

We know you have a life outside of work - what kinds of things do you do for fun? 

I am a mom of two - Axel, my son, is 8 years old and Blakely, my daughter, is 5. My kids keep me on my toes and very busy. I love spending time outside teaching them about gardening, yard work and farming. 

I also love being at the lake in the summertime - we have a cabin about an hour and half away from our house, so we like to get up there as much as possible in the summer to boat, swim, golf and hang with friends and family. 

In the winter, I spend a lot of time at the rink watching my son play hockey, but we also enjoy time outside snowmobiling, tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding when the weather is nice. When I have time to myself, I really enjoy spinning and working out.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone considering FBN

Be ready for a challenge, ask for help, be persistent, learn to do by doing and roll with the punches.  If you keep those things in mind, you will find that it's a very rewarding company to work for. 

Hard work is recognized and rewarded at FBN and that's not always the case in other companies. It's great to work for a company that appreciates and rewards the passion and persistence that goes into the day-to-day work at FBN.

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Melissa Niedrich

May 05, 2022