Are You Keeping Up with Chem Records Compliance?

Tracy Pell

May 09, 2018

There are rules of record keeping for all restricted use pesticide applications. Both federal and state requirements must be met for farmers and their employees who are private applicators.

Typically, if you’re following the required steps for your state requirements, then you will also likely be compliant with federal requirements. That’s good news; however, and this is really critical, you should always double check to make certain that your records contain all of the specific information required for both your state and federal requirements, because they can sometimes differ.

Recording Keeping Information Required for a Certified Private Applicator:

1. Product name and EPA registration number of the pesticide applied

2. Full name and certification number of the applicator

3. Date of application

4. Quantity of pesticide applied

5. Location and area size of application

6. This information must be recorded within 14 days of the restricted use pesticide application

7. Not required, but strongly recommended, are the wind direction, wind speed and temperature at the time of application

8. Records must be easily accessible and kept for two years for federal requirement, and three years for most state requirements. Always check on your current states rules and regulations, and those from the EPA.

Beyond being in compliance (and avoiding any issues that being out of compliance can entail), there are many other reasons to keep good pesticide application records on all the pesticides you apply.

  • Reduces your chance of forgetting an application was made and when

  • Keeps the specific rates of pesticides used (and any other field conditions) accessible for future reference

  • Can help you to identify the possible reasons for both good results from an application, as well as any less-than-desired results you might experience from a spray

  • Detailed information is important to recreate the success of the application in the future

  • Demonstrates that the restricted use pesticide was applied in compliance in the event of a complaint

Manage Your Records and Notes in One Place

You can use the FBN app to save scouting notes, pictures and spraying records, all in one easy-to-access location.

If there are others on the farm who are conducting spray applications, you can set up other farm team members with their own username and password. Once they're set up, they can download the app on their mobile phone and log in to save scouting notes, pictures, and spraying records.

Tracy Pell

May 09, 2018