Community Builder of the Month: Brady Forsyth

Mark Wilson

Aug 13, 2021

Brady Forsyth has worked on a farm for as long as he can remember. He grew up on a family farm that turns out soybeans and corn in small town Maynard, Iowa (pop. 500). But his professional experience as a farmer is still relatively recent. 

After high school, Forsyth ventured off to Iowa State to study business. From there, he went directly back to the farm and started his career. With three years of farming under his belt, he was well on his way to success with the FBN® Community Builder Program.

Having joined the program last November, he knew he wanted to start earning some extra income and saw the Community Builder Program as a great opportunity to do that during the winter. And while he didn’t have any sales experience before joining the program, he’s taken a shine to getting out and networking with fellow farmers. 

“The biggest benefit to me is the knowledge in being able to network with other people. That’s the biggest thing for me. And, financially, I plan to keep going and hopefully take some financial pressure off the farm to fend for myself.”

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The steepest learning curve Forsyth faced when he joined the Community Builder Program was learning the chemistry behind herbicides and pesticides. While he’s still learning, he’s already starting to see the knowledge and experience he’s gained, setting himself up for future success.

And that’s also helped set up the growers he works with to build successful chemical programs. Forsyth’s goal is to set up the farmers he works with for success and establish trust with them.

One of the ways he’s able to build trust with the farmers is with the transparency in competitive pricing. Forsyth says this sets FBN apart from many of the local co-ops farmers have turned to in the past. 

“A lot of the pricing I can bring to my guys, I think it’s a real eye-opener for them. They can see the opportunity to buy chem a lot cheaper than other places. I like to be able to help them save money.” 

Forsyth also sees the benefit in how FBN always puts Farmers First®. He says when his growers want to get things done quickly, he’s able to count on help from his Account Executive, Dawn Burroughs, to make it happen. 

“When guys go out and check their fields and they have weeds coming through, they want to be spraying them, like yesterday.”

He knows when a farmer needs chem, it’s important and next day delivery is a huge benefit in putting that farmer first. 

And beyond just putting Farmers First, Forsyth has been thankful for the help and guidance he’s had since joining the Community Builder Program. He’s looking forward to continuing to help his growers, while generating extra income. 

“I have a great team behind me. If I have any questions, I know they’ll be right there to help me, and have the answer within minutes most of the time.”

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Mark Wilson

Aug 13, 2021