Meet the People Helping F2F Genetics Network™ Put Power Back into Farmers’ Hands

Brian Paff

Apr 06, 2020

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F2F Genetics Network™ is more than just a name on that bag of seed you’re planting this spring. It’s a movement, one that is grounded in core values—greater return on investment, fair prices, total transparency—and designed to put power back into the hands of farmers like you.

With that in mind, we thought you might like to know a little more about some of the people behind the scenes who are connecting those values—not to mention the seed itself—with farms across the heartland.

Want quality genetics at a fair price?

Meet some key players on the F2F Genetics Network team

Matt Foley | General Manager of FBN Seed Brands

Matt Foley joined Farmers Business Network℠ as the General Manager of FBN Seed Brands in January 2020. With more than 25 years experience in the seed industry, Matt has worked in a wide variety of roles, from sales and marketing to distribution and logistics. He understands how the industry’s push for yield has impacted farmers, and his goal at FBN is to look at every decision as an opportunity to make the industry more focused on farmers.  

The Farmers First® mission is more than just a slogan for Matt—it’s personal. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, he learned early on the importance of focusing on return on investment (ROI) rather than solely chasing after yield. Matt says his father instilled in him an appreciation for agriculture and the indispensable value of farmers. Had his father been given the chance to sign up for a network like FBN back then, Matt believes he would have been the first in line. 

R.J. Krekeler| National Seed Sales Manager

As National Seed Sales Manager, R.J. Krekeler leads the F2F Genetics Network seed sales team as they connect with farmers and promote and address the needs of FBN members. R.J. began his career in a customer service role with a multinational seed company. In a variety of roles throughout his time there, he developed a keen sense of what it takes to produce a strong, healthy crop—from the moment a seed is produced to the time it is harvested. He also learned how important data and emerging technologies are to farmers today.

Interestingly enough, what first drew R.J. to FBN was the rollout of health coverage options for farmers. He knew that it wasn’t just a sales pitch for another product—it was genuinely a way to take care of and do what was best for farmers across the country. He’s excited to continue to provide products and services that are focused on delivering value to farmers and supporting their bottom line.

Dan Dyer | Head of Seed R&D

Dan Dyer says the primary goal of F2F Genetics Network is pretty straightforward—to help customers to see a better ROI potential—and his role in that effort is to lead the development and selection of varieties and hybrids with exceptional performance potential which can be produced and sold at a highly competitive price. 

With almost 40 years of experience in the seed industry, Dan has worked for multinational seed companies and led breeding programs all over the world. At FBN, he is leading the implementation of a new generation of plant breeding technology to develop a genetic lineup where the customers’ needs drive objectives and their results propel the next steps of innovation.

Steve Sick | Breeding Project Lead

Steve Sick is the Breeding Project Lead for FBN. His role includes assembling a team of breeders from around the globe to create the best seed experience for members. By tapping into this diverse pool of breeders and genetics, Steve and the rest of the FBN team are able to provide members with a truly diverse seed lineup. 

Steve started working with farmers when he was 12 years old, as his father was the research director for a seed company. He has seen seed development in all its stages—from nursery work and detasseling to planting and harvesting plots and developing performance materials to keep farmers informed of their seeds’ potential. Steve’s goal is to help farmers find the best products available at the best prices.

DeeDee Wilking | Senior Product Marketing Manager - Seed

DeeDee Wilking grew up on a small farm in Central Minnesota. Her first job following law school  was with a creative agency that supported agribusiness, and before joining FBN she led the marketing team for a national seed brand.

DeeDee knows there’s a lot pulling at farmers today. She believes wholeheartedly in the F2F Genetics Network commitment to delivering quality genetics at a fair price, and she’s passionate about using her skillset to help members across the network adopt a whole-farm view—by planning appropriately, maintaining balance and achieving success with greater focus on ROI potential.

Learn more about the F2F Genetics Network seed lineup

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Brian Paff

Apr 06, 2020

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