FBN in the News: How Farmers Are Democratizing Agronomic Data

FBN Network

Mar 03, 2015

Summer has been off to a very busy start at FBN. Since launching the company in May, we've met thousands of farmers and added several million of acres of new data. FBN is now active in 20 states, with farmers in Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana recently plugging their farms into the network.

Farmers across the country are pushing for an independent, integrated platform to simplify their farm's data and unlock the insights it contains. FBN is entirely user generated and democratizes agronomic information by making it fully accessible by the growers who create it.

It's been tremendous to see this movement being recognized by a number of different outlets recently:

Quad City Times - New Technology Network Helps Farmers Share Crop Data

Washington Post - How FBN Brings The Wisdom Of The Crowds To Planting Corn

Wired Magazine - How Farmers Can Use Data to Push Back Against Big Ag

Fargo Inforum - Technology Helps Farmers Share Information In A New Way

Farm Industry News - Service Offers Maximum Benchmarking Tools

Omaha World-Herald - New Software and Tech Platforms let Farmers Harvest Data

Video:Jay Reiners from Juniata, Nebraska, talks about using data on his farm.

FBN Network

Mar 03, 2015