Buying Inputs Online Is “Heck of a Cost-Saver” for This Family Farm

Brian Paff

Aug 28, 2020

For most farmers, the process of buying crop protection inputs hasn’t changed in years. 

You start by calling a local retailer to see if they have the inputs you want and what price they can offer you. If the price seems right, you make the purchase; if it doesn’t, you decide whether or not to go through the same process again, shopping around with other retailers until you’re satisfied.

Sound familiar?

At Farmers Business Network℠, we are transforming the way farmers shop for ag chemical products.

Our game-changing crop protection platform, FBN Direct℠, lets you make purchases right from your phone. You can also see transparent pricing and comparable products with the same active ingredient, helping you identify potential savings on inputs to better support your bottom line.

See how you can unlock potential savings with FBN Direct.

Based on our analysis of more than 3,200 unique pricing points, we’ve offered a lower price—either for the same exact product or a generic alternative—for 89 percent of the most popular chemical products on the market in 2020.

On average, the price on FBN Direct is generally 15 percent below the market average reported by member farmers.

FBN Direct provides savings potential to the Bellar operation

Luke Bellar grows corn, soybeans and wheat with his father, Mike, on the family farm in Southeast Kansas. 

For their operation, buying chemicals through FBN Direct has delivered significant savings.

“The amount of money we’ve saved is in the thousands,” Luke says. “We’re glad it’s an option for us. It’s been a heck of a cost-saver for the family operation.”

The Bellars use the online tools in their FBN member account to compare prices for products they need. 

They purchased roughly half of their crop protection inputs—mostly generic alternatives to more familiar products with the same active ingredients—through FBN Direct for the 2020 crop year.

“It’s just really simple and easy to do,” says Mike of buying chemicals online, “and they’re delivered right to the farm. I have them on hand and don’t worry about running out.”*

Are you equipped for the challenges you face?

A game-changing crop protection platform is just one of many data-driven solutions we’re delivering to farmers to help them reduce the cost of production, maximize the value of their crop and make confident decisions.

Download our free report, The Future of the Family Farm, to learn more about ways we’re responding to challenges in today’s ag economy to put Farmers First®.


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Brian Paff

Aug 28, 2020