The FBN Independent Hedge-to-Arrive Contract

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Nov 10, 2018

Lock-in a futures price without getting locked into a single buyer's basis.

How the FBN iHTA Works
  • You lock-in a futures reference price with FBN just like you would with a traditional HTA

  • You maintain the freedom to deliver to any buyer allowing you to shop around for the best basis offer

  • You deliver grain to the delivery location of your choice under Farmers Business Network's name. We pay you the futures reference price + basis +/- any discounts or premiums and fees

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FBN iHTA Benefits
  • Lock in your futures price early: lock in a desirable futures price for delivery at any point in the 2018 crop marketing year

  • More marketing flexibility: with an iHTA farmers have the flexibility to deliver their grain to the most desirable buyer in their area

  • Technology enabled: we keep an eye on basis markets to help farmers find the right time and location for delivery - enabling farmers to track hundreds of buyers’ prices at once

  • Experienced negotiation power: we have an experienced Grain Buyer on staff to conduct negotiation on behalf of farmers if they want support in doing so

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FBN Network

Nov 10, 2018