Webinar: FBN Market Advisory in Canada - A Quick Overview

Rejeana Gvillo

Oct 25, 2019

Grain marketing can be complicated. We make it easier with FBN Market Advisory, now available to farmers in Canada. Our combination of global market insights and trusted local advisors are tailored for the Canadian farmer, providing marketing advice for 18 different crops—cereals, specialty crops, oil seeds and more.

In this introductory webinar, FBN Commodity Analyst Rejeana Gvillo and Ryan Denis, Head of Crop Marketing, Canada, provide an overview of the grain marketing services available to Canadian farmers through FBN Market Advisory. Watch to learn more about:

  • Our Farmers First philosophy that values independent, unbiased grain marketing advice.

  • Benefits you'll receive when you sign up for FBN Market Advisory in Canada.

  • The personalized approach our local advisors provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About FBN Market Advisory in Canada

Is there a cost for the grain marketing advisor to visit farms and make a plan?

There is no extra cost for this - It is included in the membership plan.  Grain Marketing is a year-long process where we come out to your farm, sit down with your operations, figure out your break-evens, cash flow needs, margin goals and start advising. It’s all-included, from start-to-finish, covering multiple crop years.

What if there is no advisor in my area?  Is there a way for me to get involved?

If you do not have an advisor in your area yet, we are still able to add you to our distribution list for our market intelligence data and recommendations, at a reduced price.  We are expanding our team of experienced advisors everyday since launching earlier this month. Once we have an advisor in your area we will get you paired up.

Any information on canola markets? 

We’ve had this weather premium that’s come in recently, and harvest struggles are continuing across the Prairie.  We are waiting on trade-resolution from China, and have not seen any additional demand from there, but we have seen demand from other countries so that is helping in the short-term. Yields have been pretty strong across Saskatchewan. Alberta has just begun their harvest for Canola, so the yield information is not quite known yet. We think that crop volume will be a little smaller than it has in the past this year for Canada as a whole, and the future direction of the market will come from what China decides to do since they usually buy half of our Canola. We are tracking exports on a weekly basis to see who is picking up the slack, looking for opportunities from other countries for you and how that may impact price direction.

Looking for a better way to market your grain?

Our FBN Market Advisory program in Canada pairs you with an experienced advisor who knows your local market and can provide you with data-backed insights to help you market your grain with increased confidence and peace of mind.

FBN Crop Marketing Canada, Inc. does not guarantee any specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marketing; results will vary. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. FBN Crop Marketing Canada offerings involve risks, including the risk that market conditions deteriorate, resulting in contract participants receiving lower price for their grain than had they not participated in the FBN offering. 

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Rejeana Gvillo

Oct 25, 2019