FBN Scholar - Elizabeth Ann Heaton, Iowa State University

Dan Zook

Nov 11, 2015

FBN Scholar: Elizabeth Ann Heaton

University: Iowa State University, Class of 2016

Born & Raised: Toulon, Illinois

What ag related organizations, groups, and associations do you currently participate in on campus?

At Iowa State University I am involved in the Livestock Judging team. Throughout the year, we travel across the country and represent ISU in national competitions. Additionally, I am involved in Agricultural Business Club, Collegiate FFA and Block and Bridle. Throughout these organizations, I have been involved on committees and volunteered at many events.

Do you have a family background in ag?

I grew up on a generational family row crop farm located in central Illinois. Additionally,we run 30 head of show cattle that we have built though our years in 4-H. We market the offspring across the nation as youth projects for young 4-H and FFA members.

What do you like most about your school and its agriculture department?

Iowa State University is one of the elite agricultural schools in the midwest. I am confident that the education I am gaining though the college of agriculture and life sciences is second to none. The curriculum is ever changing to keep up the the progressive cutting edge technology that is taking place within the industry. 

What are your career aspirations after college?

Upon graduating from Iowa State University, I would like to obtain a career in agricultural sales. My career path is a product of my passion for agronomy and my commitment to providing growers across the world with the highest performing products possible. My end goal is to play an important role in feed our ever-growing population.

If you could change anything about the agriculture industry or farming in the United States, what would it be?

I believe that as an industry we need to make educating the public an upmost priority. Many people are unaware of how their food is produced and handled; as a result, they believe common misconceptions that are posted in headlines across news venues. I think the most efficient way to educate the public, is by targeting the younger generation because they are the ones who will have the largest impact on many years to come.

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Dan Zook

Nov 11, 2015