Measure Seed Profit Potential with Our New Calculator

FBN Network

Sep 26, 2019

At FBN, we know that when you have access to the information you need, you can buy inputs with increased confidence and make a greater impact on your bottom line. 

With that knowledge in mind, we’ve enhanced the seed browsing experience for FBN members. Here are two new features available to you in our upgraded online store:

  • Easily find F2FGenetics Network products in the online store by selecting the relative maturities most relevant to your farm.

  • Use our Seed Profit Potential Calculator to estimate per acre margin of comparable products using data provided by FBN network members.

These improvements will better equip you with tools and information you need to make the right purchases for your farm operation.

How does the Seed Profit Potential Calculator work?

In the online store, you can view the potential margin difference between FBN Direct products using our Seed Profit Potential Calculator. This interactive tool utilizes seed price, projected yield and commodity price information to help you compare products and make educated decisions about what seed to plant on your farm.

For FBN brand products, the calculator currently defaults yield values to the break-even point when compared with another brand. If you’d like additional information on trial/yield data for a particular FBN variety, you can chat with one of our team members.

Want to see how your potential margin will vary across different yields? We’ve got you covered. You can simply adjust the projected yield for either product and the calculator will instantly provide updated margin information.

These new features are available for FBN network members on desktop and mobile applications, so you can make informed decisions on seed no matter where you are.

Want to take advantage of FBN Direct products and pricing—plus performance data contributed by more than 8,000 farmers?

FBN Network

Sep 26, 2019