Meet Norm, the World’s First AI Ag Advisor

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Apr 15, 2023

Norm is FBN®’s artificial intelligence (‘AI’) Ag Advisor. Norm is built off of ChatGPT’s language model and then trained on high quality agronomy content (e.g., FBN’s Agronomy Blogs, FBN’s Analytics, ag input product labels, Seed Finder, USDA and other public sources of information such as weather and soil data).

Eventually, we see Norm as a powerful tool to help farmers and their agronomists answer any and all questions about agronomy, farm management, and beyond. Right now, Norm is still learning, and we want your help! 

Ask Norm

In that spirit, we’re inviting our Members to join the experiment and try Norm out! Help us discover Norm’s limitations, strengths and wildest responses. The more feedback we get from our Member base, the better we can make Norm over time. 

We don’t think Norm will ever be a full replacement for your agronomist, but we do think that in the future Norm will be a valuable tool for your operation, enhancing your access to agronomic knowledge and decision making. 

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Why Norm?

Why Norm? We’ve named our AI Ag Advisor Norm in honor of Dr. Norman Borlaug, who revolutionized plant breeding in the 20th century. Dr. Borlaug’s work on disease-resistant, high yielding wheat breeding dramatically increased global wheat yields, improving food security for tens of millions across the world.

In recognition for this contribution to reducing global hunger, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. Many of the folks on the FBN team have been inspired by Dr. Borlaug and we wanted to pay tribute to his legacy by naming this next revolution in agricultural technology after him. 

Tell Your Friends About Norm

Thanks for joining us in this exciting experiment! We look forward to your feedback. Be sure to share the link to Norm with your friends and then get started today by asking Norm your first question.

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Apr 15, 2023

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