Pre-Planting Quick Tips for Popular Systems

Dan Zook

Mar 19, 2016

Our best quick tips for calibrating monitors and optimizing data collection for the most popular precision equipment in the industry.

OEM Displays

John Deere

  • Prescriptions should be written by shape files and NOT setup files. A full prescription is a folder that contains three shape files that you will drag-and-drop to an RX folder on your card. If prescriptions come from any third party (though Apex is an exception), saving prescriptions as setup files to the same folder will overwrite any other setup files in the folder (like the map file, which would be a problem). The easiest way to avoid this it to write prescriptions as shape files. 

  • You will access prescriptions for a field based on your location, so if you are having trouble using a prescription, you likely have the wrong prescription and/or field. You can view a prescription for a specific field from anywhere, but your equipment will only operate on the prescription when you are in the right field.

  • Check your Recording Diagnostics page to ensure you’re set to record.

  • When using a variable rate planter, check that the magnetic gap in the wheel motion sensor is no wider than the thickness of a nickel. Mis-calibration of this sensor can cause your planting speed to be mis-calculated.

  • Ask your AMS Specialist for new updates and about attending local clinics.

  • You have to enable rate number 6 to run prescriptions. 

  • If you didn't get your receiver updated in the fall, your GPS might not be working correctly because of frequencies change. To change your frequency, go to Main Menu > Starfire > Setup tab, then uncheck default frequency and type in the new one, which should be specific for your area. Don't recheck default. Visit for more information on frequency changes in your area.

  • For more information, visit the John Deere section in the FBN Knowledge Center.

Case/New Holland

  • Make sure your USB or DATA CARD is in the monitor and in working condition

  • 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB work the best

  • Set up all of your varieties within the product section

  • Make sure prescriptions are written in “k” seeds per acre (example: 34.0 ksds NOT 34,000)

  • Make sure your product has adequate range for the prescriptions 0 ksds to 60 ksds

  • Make sure your GPS is setting is NOT set to autonomous

  • For more information, visit the Case/New Holland section in the FBN Knowledge Center.

After Market Displays

Ag Leader

  • Verify GPS if using third-party GPS.

  • For more information, visit the Ag Leader section in the FBN Knowledge Center.


  • Ask your Precision Ag Specialist for optimal operating software.

  • It’s good practice to do a lot of calibrations with this system.

  • For more information on troubleshooting and calibration, visit Trimble’s Knowledge Center.

Precision Planting

  • Ensure that your systems is updated with the latest software.

  • Charge IPAD each night or verify 20/20 is charging IPAD. If it’s not charging, try a different USB port.

  • For more information, visit the Precision Planting section in the FBN Knowledge Center.

Dan Zook

Mar 19, 2016

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