Satellite & Precision Maps Now in the FBN Mobile App

FBN Network

Oct 14, 2018

We've been busy adding additional functionality to the FBN℠ mobile app to help members take the power of the network with them wherever they go. Now, members can access their precision maps and satellite imagery from the FBN Android or iPhone app!

Each time the satellite passes, we'll add a new set of satellite images to the app. Learn how to use imagery.

Not receiving satellite imagery?You may still need to add field boundaries.

After members add precision files to their FBN account, they'll be able to look at harvest, planting & application maps on their cell phone!

Add files today or integrate directly with MyJohnDeere.

Download TheFBNApp Today!

How Do I Access The Maps?

  • Download the app, click "My Operation", then "Fields", then click to your field of choice. The "Maps" button will show up in blue near the top of the screen.

Bonus Feature:

  • Looking at a map while in a specific field? You'll see your GPS location marked by a dot to help with scouting. 

Coming In Future Versions:

  • The ability to download other map types or maps from previous years.

  • You'll be able to drop a pin on map to record additional information (e.g. adding comments about an area with poor yield). 

FBN Network

Oct 14, 2018