3 Ways to Save Money on Animal Health Products with FBN

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Nov 07, 2023

Livestock producers and ranchers are busy folks. You don't have extra time available for the cumbersome process of tracking down the animal health products you need, ensuring they're in stock, purchasing those essentials and bringing them back to the farm.

That’s where FBN® comes in.

With animal health products readily in stock and available to be shipped directly to your farm or ranch with free shipping for orders over $500! you can prioritize your time on essential tasks rather than running into town for insecticides, vaccines or other key health supplies.

By displaying upfront, transparent prices, FBN’s online animal health store lets you to compare products and choose what is best for your operation. When you’re ready to order, just add the items you need to your cart and submit your order. 

Here are just a few of the ways you can save by shopping for animal health products with FBN

1. Easily Compare Products and Prices in One Place

While we carry products from all of the major manufacturers, allowing you to find the branded products you're familiar with, we also carry plenty of generic alternatives that are equally effective but often less expensive. 

Learn more about generic vs. branded products here.

2. Take Advantage of Manufacturer Pricing Programs

We honor and facilitate manufacturer pricing programs, including those from Zoetis, Merck Animal Health and Boehringer Ingelheim. If you are already on a program, such as Zoetis Leaders' Edge, we can set up your FBN account to reflect that pricing and be visible to you when you are shopping on the platform. 

To see promotions and other special manufacturer offers available now, click here.

3. Get Support from Skilled Veterinarians and the FBN Team

Not only does FBN offer a wide range of key animal health products and honor manufacturer programs, but we also aim to put Farmers First® by providing reliable animal health expertise so you can rest assured you're making the right decision for your farm or ranch.

Selecting the right animal health products now can set your farm up for financial success — and potential savings — in the future. Our team understands that having a health herd is critical to your farm's ROI and overall profitability; If you can hone in on your herd's health, you have a much better opportunity for a successful operation.

"You've got to have that team of people that you can talk to," says Ryan Thier of R&R Thier Feedlots in Minnesota, "and you have to have that confidence in them to make a decision, to educate you."

For Thier, FBN is that trusted team. Connect with our team for support in selecting the right animal health products for your operation's unique needs or other animal health concerns you may need help addressing.

Find the Animal Health Products You Need Through FBN

By providing producers with a wide range of product options, offering transparent prices and manufacturer deals, and supporting them with an experienced veterinary staff and a skilled sales support team, FBN offers farmers a competitive edge and helps you make the best decision for your farm.

Whether you’re looking for antibiotics or vaccines, you’ll find everything you need on FBN’s online animal health store. Available product categories include:

FBN Direct® pharmacy products and services are offered by FBN Direct and are available only in states where FBN Direct is licensed. Terms and conditions apply.

Minimum order subtotal applies to animal health products or supplies only (vaccines, antibiotics, parasiticides, implants, reproductive products and supplies). Does not apply to feed, feed additives, milk replacer, or other livestock nutrition products.

Additional Notes:

  • FBN Member Account

  • Must schedule a delivery window at time of ordering. Delivery must occur within 3 months of purchase.

  • For customers on manufacturer contract or loyalty programs (e.g., Zoetis Leaders Edge, One Merck), this discount will not be stacked with products eligible for those programs. It will be applied to any non-contract items.

  • Available while supplies last. All sales final.

  • Program details subject to change.

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FBN Network

Nov 07, 2023