We'll Help You Sell Your Specialty, Pulse, and Non-GMO Crops

Amanda Eller

Sep 12, 2017

Marketing is complicated. FBN Profit Center makes it easy. And now you can use FBN Profit Center to help find buyers for your specialty, pulse, trait specific, and non-GMO crops.

Sell Your Specialty Crops with Farmers Business Network

FBN Profit Center makes it easy to sell your specialty crops in just 3 steps.

1. Setup your specialty crops in FBN Profit Center.

2. Set an offer price (the cash price per bushel you want to receive for your crops).

3. Keep your offer price up-to-date if your market perspective changes.

What Happens Next?

Once Farmers Business Network finds demand for your bid we'll contact you via text and work out the details directly with you. 

FBN Profit Center and specialty crops sales are available exclusively to Farmers Business Network members. To learn more about specialty crop sales or FBN membership call 844-200-3276, or click on the links below.

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Call: (844) 200-FARM

Amanda Eller

Sep 12, 2017