Yield Potential Tool Is a “Game-Changer” for This West Michigan Farmer

Brian Paff

Aug 13, 2020

Some of the most important decisions you make on your farm happen before you even hit the field. Take seed selection, for example, which represents a significant investment and is the key building block for yield on your farm. 

We all know that a seed’s potential can be impacted by its environment. Soil type, planting practices, weather and geography all play a role in your crop’s success. 

And just because a hybrid or variety does well in the field next door doesn’t mean it will deliver the same results on your farm. 

Which seeds are going to work best on your farm?

To answer this question, we’ve gathered more than 44 million acres of real-world, member-contributed data to build a deeper understanding of how seeds perform under different conditions and integrated it into FBN Yield Potential. 

Learn how you can optimize seed selection.

For farmers like Brett Pyper, the insights provided through this tool are an indispensable resource. The West Michigan farmer grows corn, soybeans and wheat in addition to raising beef cattle, and he knows how important it is to optimize performance when farming. 

He can use Yield Potential to see how hybrids and varieties might perform in response to certain soil types, planting applications and other agronomic practices such as irrigation and whether or not a field is tiled. 

The tool then allows him to explore all of his options and use the information provided to determine which seed variety offers him the greatest yield potential based on real-world results*.

“(It) really helps us decide what varieties to plant,” he says. “Being able to see what a variety would have as an expected yield on our dirt in our region, and then comparing that amongst all the varieties, really helps us pick the best one for our farm.” 

He calls FBN a “game-changer” and credits the seed selection optimization he’s found using Yield Potential can offer with helping him expand his operation while keeping costs under control. 

“We’ve really been able to increase the efficiency of our operation,” he says.

Are you equipped for the challenges you face?

The ability to estimate yield potential during seed selection is one of many data-driven solutions we’re delivering to farmers to help them reduce the cost of production, maximize the value of their crop and make confident decisions. 

Download our free report, The Future of the Family Farm, to learn more about ways we’re responding to challenges in today’s ag economy to put Farmers First®.

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Brian Paff

Aug 13, 2020