How do I access satellite imagery?

Satellite imagery is accessible directly within FBN® Maps. Any member who has field boundaries drawn in their FBN account can access satellite images via desktop or the FBN app.

Tech Specs
  • New images are loaded every 5 to 7 days

  • Members can access images going back 12 months

  • The imagery has a 10-meter resolution

What kind of images are included?

We display three types of images:

  • Absolute - The absolute layer shows the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) measurement throughout the field. This index measures the vegetative vigor of the crop. Absolute EVI will increase until peak growth, and then decline as the crop begins to dry down.

  • Relative - The relative layer magnifies the variation within the absolute range of EVI values observed on the field for the date the image was taken. Whatever the high & low values of the absolute EVI are in the field, the relative layer will scale them green to red, making it easier to pick up any variation.

  • Raw Image - The raw image layer shows what the satellite sees on the date the picture is taken. This layer is helpful to identify if any variation in absolute EVI is due to clouds and can also be used to identify areas of drown out or flooding when plants are small and the EVI layer is not picking up much plant biomass.

How do I access EVI satellite images in the FBN website?
  1. Log into your FBN account.

  2. Click on the Analyze tab at the top.

  3. Click on My Operation in the left nav to open the menu options. From here, click on Maps.

  4. Click into the Search bar and select a field from the dropdown.

  5. Under the Type field located above the map, select Satellite.

  6. To the right of the Type field, click on Absolute, Relative and Raw Image options to see the related images.

How do I access EVI satellite images in the FBN app?
  1. Log into the FBN app.

  2. Tap on Analyze.

  3. Tap on Fields (next to Timeline).

  4. Tap on the field you'd like to see the satellite image(s) of.

  5. On the image, tap on Maps.

  6. Tap on More Maps in the top right corner.

  7. Scroll down to the Satellite section and select the date you'd like to view.

  8. From here, you can switch between Absolute, Relative and Raw Image.

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