If I'm one of the first farmers in my region to use FBN, will it still be useful?

Apr. 30, 2019

Absolutely! FBN℠ provides you will tools to organize and utilize your data as well as analysis to understand your farm. There are insights and tools that you immediately have access to as an FBN member, even if there aren't a lot of other farmers in your area. Some of the networked insight and benefits that you'll have access to no matter how many farms are in your area include: 

For the benchmarking and seed performance that is dependent on having more local data, it can take as little as a few days for new regions to come online. We love to meet innovative farmers everywhere. FBN has grown by members building regional clusters and we offer referral rewards that enhance your data and support your community. 

The network has grown so rapidly because farmers across the country are actively referring their friends, family, and farming groups that they participate in. It's easy for members to invite their neighbors to join the network! 

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