What Is The F2F Genetics Network™?

May 03, 2019

F2F Genetics Network is the seed brand of FBN.  We launched F2F in August 2019.  The goal of F2F is to offer great seed at a great price.  We do this by cutting out layers of the typical seed value chain, bringing farmers closer to breeders. 


F2F Model: 

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 “F2F Genetics Network” is a trademark of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. “F2F Genetics Network branded seed products and other seed products are offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and are available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed. Members who complete a credit application and qualify will receive extended terms with a 0% annual interest rate charge for balances carried through through December 20, 2018. Terms & Conditions are subject to change at anytime and without notice. See sales order form for additional terms and conditions.

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