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FBN® Launches New Crop Nutrition Product Finder

We're excited to announce the launch of the crop nutrition product finder, a new tool on designed to help farmers streamline and simplify their crop nutrition selection process. The new website feature allows you to filter by crop, application method, and product benefits to receive customiz

Feb 16, 2024

by FBN Network

Every season, crops are planted with hopes of reaching their full genetic yield potential. Nearly every year, though, plants struggle to reach this potential due to many external factors outside of a grower’s control. Growers do, however, have control of supplementing their crops with starter and fo

Feb 16, 2024

by FBN Network

To help improve crop quality, farmers are turning to inoculants. The global agricultural inoculants market was $9.19 billion in 2023, and it is predicted to reach $15.17 billion by 2028 because these beneficiary microorganisms are a reliable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and help improve plan

Alongside the recent relaunch of FBN® Finance’s fastest-selling financial product in FBN history — the Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line program — we’re answering the question on farmers’ minds: Is regenerative agriculture worth the investment? To address this question and help farmers learn m

Feb 15, 2024

by FBN Network

This guide includes the following sections: What Are Biostimulants?, Why Do Farmers Use Biostimulants?, , , Types of Biostimulants, Biostimulant Application Best Practices, Buy Biostimulants from FBN Direct® What Are Biostimulants? The 2018 Farm Bill offered the first legal definition of a biostimul

Feb 13, 2024

by FBN Network

Amid farmers’ efforts to protect against pests in order to maximize yield, they are faced with a choice: hire a custom applicator or purchase their own spraying equipment. The decision to hire a custom applicator or buy spraying equipment depends on various factors such as farm size, spraying freque

As part of our mission to create a future of farming that puts Farmers First®, FBN Finance launched the Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line program in 2022 to reward farmers engaged in proactive ag management. The program quickly became the fastest-selling financial product in FBN history and is

Jan 31, 2024

by Kathy Bogardus

Meeting for the first time this year on January 30–31, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced interest rates will remain steady at this time. Investors believe rates will likely not decline until at least April. With this latest announcement, the Fed extends the rate pause. Since July 20