Nov 28, 2023

by Dr. Steve Dudley

As cold weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about lice control in cattle. These parasitic nuisances can cause all kinds of problems from hair loss to reduced weight gain. Watch Dr. Steve Dudley, FBN® Head of Technical Services and practicing veterinarian with Southwest Veterinary Service

Nov 22, 2023

by FBN Network

After years of rigorous research, FBN® is excited to launch Profectus™ Feeds , a revolutionary approach to feedlot nutrition. With this launch, producers can drive optimized performance and profitability by balancing amino acids to the energy in the diet. In a recent trial of FBN Profectus Feed

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Getting Ahead of Calf Scours

Nov 21, 2023

by Dr. Steve Dudley

Dr. Steve Dudley, FBN® Head of Technical Services and a practicing veterinarian with Southwest Veterinary Services, discusses scours prevention, including pre-calving scour vaccines. View the video below, or keep scrolling to read through the key takeaways of Dr. Dudley's presentation. Watch Now In

Nov 07, 2023

by FBN Network

L ivestock producers and ranchers are busy folks. You don't have extra time available for the cumbersome process of tracking down the animal health products you need, ensuring they're in stock, purchasing those essentials and bringing them back to the farm. That’s where FBN® comes in. With animal

Most cattle producers feed their cattle minerals... but are they feeding them the right ones? And how high should cattle mineral intake be? To address common producer questions and offer suggestions on what beef producers should consider when developing a mineral program, we spoke with Dr. Brian Do

Transitioning calves from pasture to the feedyard can be a stressful process for cattle... but it doesn't have to be. Anything producers can do to minimize that stress helps calves respond better to vaccines, stay healthy and start eating feed sooner. Calf Stress Factors Some of the main factors tha

Oct 10, 2023

by Walt Beesley

Many producers are still determining whether or not to keep their calves this year. It’s a simple question with several complex factors to consider. But as a producer, there are several benefits to retaining ownership to help you make the right decision for your operation.  5 Factors That Drive Reta

Sep 26, 2023

by FBN Network

Setting yourself up for a successful and profitable fall run can significantly benefit your operation. But there are several factors you'll need to consider, from the economic benefits to nutrition, to ensure your herd's safety and well-being.  What Is Fall Run? Fall run is the period when producers

Sep 22, 2023

by FBN Network

During FBN®’s September Beef Lunch ‘n Learn presentation, Dr. Erika Nagorske, a practicing veterinarian with FBN ’s official veterinary partner Southwest Veterinary Services, walked through a number of helpful weaning strategies for calves. Pre-Weaning Strategies First, ensure the calves have been

Sep 19, 2023

by Dr. Monty Kerley

Liquid feed is a molasses-based supplement for livestock that provides added minerals , vitamins, protein and energy in a convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-handle form. It complements cattle's primary forage and grain diets, ensuring they receive a well-balanced nutrition profile. How to Deliv