5 Things to Remember When Buying Ag Chemicals Online

Mark Wilson

15 Nov 2022

When it’s time to buy Ag chemicals for your operation, there are a lot of decisions to be made. There are also a lot of things to remember. The good news is that buying ag inputs, crop protection, crop nutrition and seed products is easy when you purchase through FBN Direct®

FBN Direct gives farmers the visibility, transparency and confidence to make smart and efficient choices when purchasing inputs.

When you shop with FBN Direct, you’ll see comprehensive information on thousands of Ag products and be able to easily compare prices between chemicals using the same active ingredient. 

There’s never been a better time to buy inputs online. This checklist will help you keep track of the five things to remember when buying chem online.

1. Consider generic vs. branded Ag chemicals

While it may be easy to think that a branded product is better than a generic product, that’s not always the case. 

While generic products are not identical to their branded equivalents, they tend to be very similar in terms of performance. In fact, to receive an EPA registration, a generic product must have the same technical make-up as the branded version. Often generic and branded products are even manufactured by the same companies.

Generic companies routinely perform field trials to evaluate their products against the branded equivalents. And because generic manufacturers must use EPA approved surfactants and inert ingredients in their formulation, they do not use lower quality surfactants. 

2. Consider FBN Acre Packs

When you’re thinking about your crop plan, you need to factor in the quantity and size of your purchase. Determining what you need to buy is now even easier when you’re shopping at FBN Direct

FBN Acre Packs are a new and innovative way to give you control over your crop inputs plan with simple online tools that allow you to plan, order and save on inputs. 

​​Picking your pack is as easy as three simple steps:

a. Plan your Pack 

FBN Acre Packs will help guide you to the seed, crop protection and crop nutrition products labeled for your crop. You’ll be able to build your Pack directly online with the flexibility to pick the right products for your operation.

b. Order your Pack

Ditch complicated math and let FBN Acre Packs do the work for you. Input your acres and select your rate from the labeled range. FBN Acre Packs automatically calculate how much you need and will display your cost per unit and per acre. 

c. See Your Cost Per Acre

The Acre Pack automatically calculates your cost per applied acre, making it easier to manage the bottom line.

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3. Submit your paperwork

Check your FBN member profile to see if you’ve provided all of the necessary information required before checking out on your next order. 

You may need to provide some of the following documentation:

  • Upload any relevant tax exemption forms for your operation

  • Review and sign the Master Distribution Agreement (MDA)

  • Submit the Grower Technology Agreement if you plan on purchasing traited seed

  • If you plan to purchase crop protection, upload Crop Protection Compliance paperwork, aka Restricted Use Product (RUP) certificate

  • Complete either the RUP certificate requirements for yourself or on someone else’s behalf by uploading a photo of the RUP license

[Upload your Crop Protection Compliance paperwork to your profile.]

4.Know what you’re paying for

Our modern logistics network has fulfillment and logistics centers located around North America and beyond to ensure a dedicated supply chain for agriculture. 

FBN Direct brought price transparency to the Ag industry that allows our 48,000+ member farmers to see market averages, quotes and invoiced prices on thousands of inputs. 

It’s not only changing the way farmers like you are doing business on your operation, it’s helping you secure huge savings along the way. 

It’s easy to use the app and the way it compares the prices. I took the prices from FBN on the products I wanted to use this year to my local retailer and it was almost $13,000 in savings to go with FBN. It’s an unbelievable tool.

Jeremy Edger, FBN Member from Ohio

And with so many quality products to choose from on the FBN store, you can get both generic and branded products that directly pass on the savings to your operation. 

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5. Plan your delivery date

One of the benefits of ordering from FBN Direct is that you’re in control of when your product is delivered. Schedule the time that is right for your operation to have direct-to-farm delivery. Select your preferred delivery date when checking out and our team will bring your order on the scheduled delivery date. 

With FBN Direct, you’re in control. 

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Take control of your Ag Chem needs

With an incredibly diverse crop nutrition product portfolio, FBN Direct has the crop protection products you need.

Now’s the time to check out what you’ve been missing. Become an FBN member today. 

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Mark Wilson

15 Nov 2022

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