FBN® Offers a Broad Seed Portfolio

Seed that can fit any operation.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Seed products shipped directly to your farm.

No Zone Pricing

Transparent pricing so that you know exactly what our seed costs.

Focused on Quality

Quality seed products at honest prices. No Compromise.

Learn More About Seed Performance

Access our first ever interactive seed performance guide where our team will walk you through key results from 2021.

2021 Harvest

Seed Programs Designed to Fit Your Needs

Because we know that each operation is different, we offer a variety of programs that will enable you to utilize our seed products in a way that works best.

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F2F Genetics Network®

F2F Genetics Network® does things a little differently with the idea that farmers won’t have to compromise between quality products and an honest price. Hear what makes us unique and how we bring products to market.

Available across America

Thousands of farmers have enjoyed the benefits of FBN® seed products that are being tried, tested and bred all across the country in regions where our members farm.

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