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Make your toughest decisions with the confidence of millions of acres of real-world data.


What happens when thousands of farmers connect with tens of millions of acres of precision data and the industry’s best analytics? Farming gets better for farmers. This is the farmers’ network, independent and unbiased. FBN® Analytics turn the world into your plot trial to ensure you find the right inputs and fair prices. That’s what democratizing farm data is all about.

Seed Selection

Choose the right seeds to provide you the best yield and profit opportunity.

Crop Protection Selection

Find crop protection at the best price to improve your bottom line.

Farm & Team Operations

Easily manage your business by tracking farm activities and analyzing farm data.

Simplified Farm Data

Simplified data collection that provides an easy way to collect, clean and store your data.

seed performance

Seed Selection

Turn the world into your plot trial. Find the best seeds, optimize placement and population, instantly identify yield and profit opportunities, benchmark and map every field, all automatically. FBN Analytics puts your precision data to work for you. FBN Seed Finder gives you access to the largest seed performance database in agriculture, powered by millions of acres of precision data, seed labels and pricing information so that you know how products have performed and what others have paid for them - all farmer driven, totally independent and unbiased.
Seed Finder

Seed Performance Profiles

Review yield performance profiles on more than 6,200 seeds from 200 brands.

Agronomic Insights

Explore real-world responses to population, nitrogen, rotation, irrigation, precipitation, planting speed and more.

Optimal Placement

Find the best seeds for your soil types, drainage, irrigation status and get automated field-seed matching.

Yield Potential

Seed Selection: Yield Potential

Find the best seeds for your fields
Soil Performance

Seed by Soil Performance

Learn which seed performs best in what soil
Soil Profiles

Soil Profiles

Explore soil rankings, distributions and top-yielding seeds
Farming Practices

Cultural Practices

Field yield response for population, planting speed, soil quality, tillage and more
Soil Temperature Map

Soil Temperature Maps

Daily soil temperature updates for all your fields
Price Transparency

Crop Protection Selection

FBN Price Transparency shows you market averages, quotes and invoiced prices on hundreds of inputs. FBN Price Transparency arms you with the best information when you buy, allowing you to save. When you share your invoices, you unlock thousands of real-world transactions, that's the power of the network.

Find Generic Alternatives

FBN Price Intelligence makes it easy to compare products with the same active ingredients. Through automatic active ingredient concentration matching, you can see true apples-to-apples price comparisons. FBN Price Intelligence provides label lookup, letting you instantly check labels on more than 6,000 products from CDMS®.

Savings Finder

Build custom reports that compare your favorite crop protection products and help you identify savings across different brands for the same or similar active ingredients and modes of action.
Price Transparency Screen

My Operation

Farm & Team Operations

Stay organized, collaborate with your team and seamlessly convert your precision data into annual farm reports. Turn this season's planning into a data-driven strategy.


See how your yields really stack up by benchmarking against thousands of other advanced farmers. This is not just field benchmarking; it is yield diagnostics in action.

Record Keeping

The FBN app for iOS and Android lets you track all your field activities and notes on the go. FBN automatically recognizes which fields you are in, making notetaking a breeze. Add notes on pests, crop status, activities and instantly share with your team.

Field Weather

Track daily precipitation, temperature, GDU's, soil moisture and more.

Fields, Maps & Analytics

With FBN Maps & Yield Analytics, you can start to see what's really driving your yields. Your precision data is automatically converted into yield response analysis and lightning-fast mapping. Plus, access free satellite imagery to monitor your fields all season long.
My Operation Image
My Data

Simplified Farm Data

Farm data made simple. Get unlimited cleaning, storage and integration of nearly any type of precision ag data. Top it off with automatic conversion to maps, benchmarking and annual reports.
Many Systems, One Platform

Many Systems, One Platform

FBN Analytics work with more than 60 precision monitor types and formats. Have an older system? Use multiple precision equipment brands? No problem. Members can have as much historical data from yield, soil test, VRA fertility, chemicals and planting files analyzed with no acreage fees — add unlimited acres and years of data from your farm at no cost
Data Transfer

Seamless Data Transfer

Users can link their MyJohnDeere ® and CNH accounts to FBN ® Analytics for hourly data transfer. Getting set up takes less than two minutes
Yield Map

Unlimited Storage, Mapping and Calibration

The FBN Network backs up your raw precision data so you can always access it. Add unlimited GB of files. When you add data, FBN data experts organize, clean, map and quality check your data and then work with you to ensure your fields, seeds and yields are correct
Annual Report

Annual Farm Reports

Get reports on planting, soil nutrients, genetics, irrigation and price analysis

Field Weather

Track daily precipitation, temperature and GDUs

Get the FBN App

FBN keeps your farm and team organized on the go. Keep up to date with all your records, shop for inputs and find locations to sell your crop all in the palm of your hand.

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