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Ag Land Loans

Today’s Land Loan Rates

Rates as of 9/30/2022

30-Year Fixed Rate

ProductInterest Rate
Land-Backed Operating5.55%
1-Year Variable5.89%
7-Year Fixed6.4%
10-Year Variable6.65%
15-Year Fixed6.62%
20-Year Fixed6.89%
25-Year Fixed7.12%

What Types of Rates Does FBN Offer?

Learn more about fixed and variable rates.

Fixed Rates

Fixed rates are set interest rates that do not change throughout the life of the loan. They provide predictability for payment and budgeting. Fixed rates are available for 7-30 year terms with a 10-30 year amortization period.

Variable Rates

Variable rates have shorter fixed rate periods with periodic adjustments and best for farmers who expect to refinance or purchase additional land. Variable rates may be locked for 1 month - 15 years with 15-30 year term and amortization.


Why Choose FBN for Your Financing?

We focus on providing flexible loan financing for farmers. Whether you’re expanding your farm with a land purchase, refinancing, or making improvements, we can help you secure the capital you need to build a stronger financial future.

Great Rates

Feel confident that you are getting a great rate. We are able to save customers thousands due to our low overhead and nationwide network.

Apply in Minutes

Our secure and straightforward online application will save you time and provide you with the right tools to track your application's progress.

Exceptional Service

We are dedicated to helping family farmers. Our loan advisors average over 15 years of Ag finance experience and look forward to sharing their guidance with you.

How to Get Your Farm Land Loan

You are 5 steps away from getting customized financing for your farm land loan.

1. Apply in Minutes

Start our secure application entirely online or contact an advisor to answer any questions.

2. Upload Supporting Documents

Use our secure system to easily upload all documents required. We offer a guided process to allow for easier completion.

3. Receive Approval

Get approved in as little as 48 hours. During this process our dedicated loan advisors will review your application.

4. Value Your Farm Land

An appraiser will assess the value of your land when your documents are approved.

5. Get Funded

You'll lock in your rate once the appraisal is completed. Then, you'll sign final documents and your loan will be funded.

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Farm Land Loan Requirements

Here are the requirements for land loans.

Minimum Acreage

Your land must be a minimum of at least 10 acres.

Loan Amount

The minimum loan amount is $75k with no restriction on the maximum requested.

Agricultural Land

This includes farms, ranches, timberland and hunting land as well as improvements.


Loans can be made on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Prices shown here are based on semi-annual payments. Annual payments increase the interest rate by 0.15%.

No. There is no prepayment penalty.

Your loan will have title fees, appraisal fees, and an origination fee. In most cases, these fees are less than 1% of the loan value. In many cases, they can be added to the loan itself, so you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs at closing. Title fees and appraisal fees are passed on to the applicant at cost. If you have a current land appraisal that is less than one year old, you may be able to reuse it, subject to Farmer Mac’s guidelines. FBN’s origination fee varies by size, but will either be 0.65% or 0.3%.

You will work with one of our Loan Advisors as well as our team of credit analysts and loan closers.

While we work with Farmer Mac to provide the financing, we will be your “Field Servicer.” This means we will be your first point of contact for any issues you have with the loan.

We finance land that is used for agricultural purposes. These property types include farms, ranches, bare land, timberland and hunting land as well as improvements.