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A New Ag Lending Solution

You don’t follow the same schedule as everyone else and neither should your farm loan. FBN Finance is an ag-focused lender creating value through flexible lending solutions designed just for farmers.


Unbiased lending decisions based on facts and data.


National, transparent rates and lower service fees, backed by multiple lenders.


Ag-focused organization with customized solutions that put Farmers First.

Finance Products

FBN Finance offers a variety of lending solutions to help farmers manage and grow your farming operations, from refinancing farmland to financing your operating expenses to purchasing equipment and more.

Land Financing Solutions

How much could you save on your farmland loan? With farmland interest rates at historic lows, now is the perfect time for you to refinance your loan and put more money in your pocket.

Fixed Rate Loans

Rates starting at 2.78%

Variable Rate Loans

Rates starting at 1.93%

Operating Lines of Credit

Financing a farm operation can be difficult. Operating Loans from FBN Finance help qualified farmers access the credit you need to keep your farms running smoothly.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Rates starting at 3.5%

Long-Term Operating Loans

Rates starting at 2.35%

Flexible Equipment Financing Options

FBN Finance provides farmers with new and used equipment financing, as well as equipment refinancing options. Get the capital to meet your equipment needs today.

Traditional Loans

Rates starting below 3.99%


Negotiate the best cash rates with financing in hand

Lease Financing

Find the product that meets your tax and cash-flow needs

Innovative Margin Loans to Manage Your Hedges

Having dedicated funds to use on margin calls means market fluctuations and your marketing decisions don’t deplete your operation’s capital reserves. Ask a loan advisor how to incorporate a Margin Loan into your crop marketing strategy today.


Apply for 0% Interest Input Financing

Get 0% interest on all input purchases made by January 20, 2022 when you qualify for FBN input financing! There’s no minimum order size, and no payment is due until January 1, 2023.

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