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FBN Finance offers farmers operating lines of up to $5 million with great terms, zero application fees and a process that's wrapped up in minutes.


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Our digital application means there's no need to drive to the bank to get the funds you need to grow your operation. Spend less time on the phone and more time in the field doing what you do best. Loans under $1 million will now receive an approval decision and rate instantly.
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Great Rates

Feel confident that you are getting a great rate. We are able to save customers thousands due to our low overhead and nationwide network.

Instant Decision

We know your time is important. Apply in minutes through our simple and secure online application. For loans under $1M, you’ll receive a decision instantly.

Exceptional Service

We are dedicated to helping family farmers. Our loan advisors average over 15 years of Ag finance experience and look forward to sharing their guidance with you.

Operating Line Uses

This line of credit can be used on any agricultural related operating expenses including:

1. Purchasing inputs from FBN or other suppliers

2. Rent

3. Labor

4. Equipment and repairs

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Pay for Inputs with an Operating Line from FBN® Finance

Customers can get an instant decision and seamlessly use funds to purchase FBN Direct® inputs.

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Most borrowers who are approved have a 680 or above credit score, although there may be exceptions where a lower score could be approved. We also factor in repayment history, the size of your loan relative to your income and operations, and the general financial health of your operation. 

Yes — all of our operating lines are revolving.

We offer fixed rates for amounts of $1 million or less, and variable rates for amounts greater than $1 million.

Advances are made through an ACH or wire request in which funds will be electronically transferred.

Funds can be transferred into your account in as little as two business days after they’ve been requested.

FBN’s name is not on grain or crop insurance checks.

Depending on what the farmer is approved for, the operating lines are secured by crops, crop proceeds, and crop insurance, or a blanket lien on all farm assets.

The operating line can be used for any agricultural-related operating expense, including inputs, rent, labor, and short-term equipment, subject to certain limitations set forth in the operating line agreement.

Our loan amounts range from $100,000 to $5,000,000.

The maturity date is February 1, 2023 or March 1, 2023 depending on the program. If you typically store your grain to market later in the year, we can work with you next winter to extend the line past this date.