Oct 13, 2020


American farmers are arguably the backbone of our economy. But with record-low prices and ever-increasing carryovers, how are grain farmers supposed to make it, much less thrive? The answer is simple. Biofuels are the catalyst to successful agriculture. With successful agriculture, we can solve many

May 08, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing pain for every part of society. Beyond just a health crisis, the virus has upended almost every aspect of our lives. For most Americans, daily life today is much different than it was even a few short months ago. Some may have faced health challenges, some may have f

Dec 31, 2019


Earlier this month at Farmer2Farmer V , POET Founder and CEO Jeff Broin presented alongside Farmers Business Network℠ CEO Amol Deshpande during a well-attended breakout session on agriculture and the climate revolution. Time constraints prevented them from addressing each and every audience question

Nov 27, 2019


Farmers are true stewards of the land. As a farmer in Radcliff, Iowa, Brett Handsaker implements sustainability practices like using manure management plans on his family’s farm. “We have to take care of the land so the land will take good care of us,” Handsaker says. Handsaker delivers grain to one